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Top 5 Most Overrated Actresses in Hollywood

Ah, Hollywood, the naive dream of teenagers everywhere. The world where everything is nice and sparkly, where people seem to lose their worries, and where your life quickly turns into a massive, never-ending comedy of errors.
Hollywood is where the magic happens. Probably dark magic, but magic nonetheless.

Let’s admit it: Hollywood became the center of our universe a long time ago, and it won’t budge from there for any reason. There is no pointing and name-calling that would commit it to a well-earned suicide, and we love this retarded little family member just as it is.

But I digress.

5. Angelina Jolie

I found it quite a relief that I’m not the only one that thinks Angelina Jolie is in the center of attention way too much.

It might be the gazillion children she adopted from foreign countries or the huge amount of money spent on charities – I don’t really know, or care. The point is that she isn’t that good of an actress as the general population thinks. What can she do besides give halfhearted puns and run away from bullets?

How she won an Oscar is beyond me, but then again I don’t really think that the level of competence can ever be measured in Oscars.

4. Blake Lively

I’m not exactly sure how qualified I am to write about Blake Lively, considering I didn’t even know who she was until I tried to do some research.

Apparently, though, the people who actually took some time to vote upon their choices know who she is, so they added her as a candidate. Thank you, by the way – it gives me one more thing to criticize.

Miss Lively seemed to attract the hate of the people because of her utter lack of talent when it comes to acting, and because her dear parents were the only reason she started her rise to the top.

She is also well known for her plastic surgeries, so I guess that must have a great influence on what people think about her.

So what do I think about her now? Still nothing.

3. Ashley Tisdale

Our new celebrity.

It is actually a mystery of the universe how she managed to still stay under the spotlight for such a long time. These teenage stars of the once legendary Disney are getting on the nerves of many people out there. In fact, now as I look at my list better, there are quite a few superstar(t)s out there who have absolutely no talent in anything they do, and who become the role models of children all around the world.

Quite frankly, Ashley Tisdale reminds me of a young Britney Spears, but in her case singing won’t get her out of that hole she dug herself in.

2. Selena Gomez

Another Disney star, another teenage dream, and another nightmare for the adults out there. Selena Gomez seems to clutch at everyone and everything since her acting days went down the drains.

I think that the fact that she is currently dating Justin Bieber didn’t really help her case either.

A lot of people are of the opinion that she is under so much attention only because of Justin, and not at all because of her talent – or lack thereof.

If it weren’t for “the Bieber”, I think she would’ve disappeared from the frontline quite a while ago now. Alas!

1. Kristen Stewart

Oh, I bet everyone knew this was coming. Kristen Stewart is for the movies what Justin Bieber is for music at this time. That is, a complete anti-talent.

She is a ridiculous actress, who seems to get away with playing all her characters in the same way. Of course – just like Selena earlier- she is also guilty by association. It seems that since she got her role as Bella in the Twilight movies she became even more hated by everyone than before.

And really, I can’t blame anyone for hating her.

She really shouldn’t be in any place or form an actress. How she got there in the first place will be forever a mystery. One, which I quite frankly don’t want to solve.

Now, before everyone just shuffles over to the next article in a bored and disillusioned mood, here are the runner-ups:

6th. Sarah Jessica Parker

7th. Keira Knightley

8th. Sarah Michele Gellar

9th. Megan Fox

10th. Natalie Portman