...watched yesterday was a web series.

You know how I am so much in love with Dragon Age. Well, a couple of days ago I got around to finally watch a short little web show called Dragon Age: Redemption.
It was made by Felicia Day - and she also starred in it as Tallis (an elven qunari assassin). So I looked into her name after finishing up the show, cause it seemed familiar.

Apparently, I did see her before.

So, I checked out her other web series, called The Guild - just out of curiosity. And I can't believe that I haven't stumbled across it before this. The Guild, my friends, is a geeks wet dream come true.

If you never played an mmo before, this whole show will probably not make any sense to you.

But since I did have that era, I can absolutely relate to this show, and let me just tell you, it's hilarious, because it's god damned true (It also made me miss those good old days of befriending and trusting complete strangers whom you never met with in real life).

The Guild, as its name suggests, is about a little group of people who play together an unnamed mmo. The main character is Cyd Sherman - Codex, by her in-game name - a pretty regular girl who struggles to get around in real life, and escapes into a world where she is a cool priestess. Her guild-mates are Sujan Balakrishnan Goldberg (Zaboo, a warlock), who is a little bit of a stalker and gets really obsessed with Codex early on; Herman Holden (Vork), the guild leader and a warrior, who in real life lives frugally (and illegally) on his late grandfather's Social Security checks and is a certified Notary Public; Simon Kemplar (Bladezz, a rogue), a high school student, who spends most of his time in his basement playing games (oh how he reminds me of myself); April Lou (Tinkerballa, the ranger), who always tries to remain anonymous to the others, but reveals her true self in the fifth season; and my personal favorite, Clara Beane(who's character name is Clara, and who plays a Frost Mage).

Clara is a gamer mom, who was a really outgoing person when she was a student. She has that typical american cheerleader personality, but with the added element of being a grown up mother. As you can guess, the combination is hilarious. She puts gaming in front of everything, even her still little children - one of which is still breastfeeding. She even manages to lie herself out of attending her sister's wedding, just so she can stay home and play with her guildies. She is ditsy, scatter-brained and eccentric, but I absolutely adore her.

Anyways, before I go any further with my adulation, here are the actors that you will see and probably recognize, if you watch the series:

Felicia Day - as I said, she plays the main character.
Sandeep Parikh - he is an Indian-American writer, director, actor and producer of comedy and founder of effinfunny.com, and in this show he also plays Zaboo.
Jeff Lewis - he plays Vork in this, but he is a pretty accomplished comedian besides this series too.
Vincent Caso - who portrays Bladezz.
Amy Okuda - plays Tinkerballa
Robin Thorsen - my favorite character, Clara is portrayed by her.

And then there are:
Brett Sheridan- who plays George Beane, Clara's husband. He is at one point asked to join them in gaming, and he does... as Mr. Wiggly, the hunter.
Teal Sherer - she plays Venom, the only female character at the rival guild. She is paraplegic and in a wheelchair, but she is a really mean character and she doesn't mind using her handicap for personal gain. She also works as an art teacher at the high school where Bladezz goes to.
J. Teddy Garces - he plays Bruiser, who is the healer at the rival guild, and who, in "real life" portrays a corrupt police officer.
Alexander Yi - plays a Korean character who doesn't speak English, but because of his success as a champion is StarCraft, is now in a guild with the rivals.
Mike Rose - plays Valkyre, who seems to be working as a designer or decorator, and who is also a closeted homosexual.
Wil Wheaton - oh yeah! He plays Fawkes, the leader of the rival guild. He always wears a black kilt, he is quite intelligent and educated, but he is also really full of himself, and is prone to angered outbursts when he is online.

There are of course other minor characters in the show too, and some of them only show up for brief, but probably memorable seconds.

For example: Michele Boyd, Colin Ferguson, Amy Berg, Eliza Dushku, Zachary Levi, Kevin Sorbo, Erin Gray, Grant Imahara, Nathan Fillion, Neil Gaiman, and Stan Lee.

As I said... Geektastic!

Sooo... if you haven't watch this show already... go and watch it. Now. It's pretty short - I ate it up in just a few hours, all 5 of them. It's worth it. Really, really worth it.