...thought we should do today is to take a stroll in 'rich world'.

I started reading Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne yesterday (sadly, I never really got to read his more well known works, sticking with the books I had on my bookshelves).

I'm still not at the part where Otto Lidenbrock and his nephew descend into the shaft, but I'm right on the edge.

So, because of the book I decided that today I shall show you guys the most precious stones from all around the world at the current date (because who knows what we will stumble upon later on).

1. Painite

This little gem was found in 1950 by Arthur Pain, and it was named after him. Because, it was - you know- a new mineral altogether. Painite can be found in Myanmar, and if you do, you can be convinced that the gods smiled upon you, because this is the world's rarest gem. Until 2005 there were only about 30 of them in existence, but since then people realized where they come from and made it more available (which doesn't mean that you will ever be able to pay for one).

2. Poudretteite

This particular gem was first discovered in the mid 1960s, and till 1986 only seven crystals of it existed. These pieces were discovered in Canada, and there is only one other place on Earth that has them. You guessed it right: Myanmar.

3. Jeremejevite

This beauty makes me think of fantastical journeys and adventures just by gazing on it. It can be found in Siberia, Germany and Namibia only - and it got its name after a Russian mineralogist, called Pavel Vladimirovich Eremeev. The Jeremejevite was first described in 1883, in Siberia. It can be sold for $2000.00 per carat.

4. Serendibite

This gem was discovered in Sri Lanka, in 1902 by G.T. Prior and A.K. Coomaraswamy. In 2005 it was also discovered in - you guessed it, again!- Myanmar. The one you can see on the picture comes from Myanmar, because these ones are dark black. The ones found in Sri Lanka are usually greenish or violet-blue colored. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot to mention its price: $1.8-2 Million/Carat.

5. Red Beryl

Currently, the only place in the world where gem quality Red Beryl can be found is in Utah. It might be better known by the name of scarlet emerald, or red emerald. It was discovered in 1904, and it is the most rare form of the emerald. The price of Red Beryl can reach 10000 dollars per carat.

6. Red Diamond

Oh, you didn't think I will leave out a diamond, did you?
Red diamonds are the rarest kind of diamonds - there are only a few of them that can be found that are natural, and chances are you will never even see a treated one either. Why? Well, because a red diamond costs about $2-2.5 Million/Carat. In 1990 a simple farmer discovered the largest one that ever existed till now. It was 5.11 carats. Lucky bastard!

7. Jadeite

Jadeites became really rare for some reason, even though they could be found in ancient jewelries, made by the Olmec and the Maya people. It is mostly found in Guatemala. I guess this is one of those gems that are pricey because of the mystery that surrounds them. If you do find one, though, be prepared to get rich. It sells with $3 + Million/Carat.