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Anyway, I just got home from Kolozs (Cojocna), a place -again- not too far away from the city that's famous for its salt-baths.

Yeah, as you can see, we don't lack in salt. And this is nothing yet! There are - and were- salt mines all over the territory of our country since the times when the Romans felt the need to have more territories.

But then the mines collapsed, and a lake formed in its place. The lakes are nowadays used by people with rheuma -it's supposed to cure it. And, well, not only them. There are usually a whole bunch of people swimming around in it - and let me tell you, it makes a hell of an exercise. I find it a lot harder to swim in it, cause they have at least 27% salt in them.

The place has currently two lakes and one inside-pool. Although we didn't go inside to see how hot the water is there, the outside ones were pretty warm too. The only thing that would bother a person is the nearly constant wind that blows around there, so when you get out of the warm water make sure you have a towel near you.

Also, be sure to take a shower once in a while, otherwise all that salt from the water will stick to your skin and when it dries off it will be pretty uncomfortable.

Another advice you should probably take is that if you don't mind the sun, go ahead and make your camp at the second lake from the entrance. There aren't too many umbrellas or shades you can relax under, especially if you arrive late, so if you have any be sure to bring some with you.

Also, I have to warn those who don't swim in salty waters, that the first few minutes or seconds will probably have you splashing all over the place until you get the right balance. There are also not too many stairs leading down into the water, so be sure to go slowly in and out, till you learn your way. The water isn't clear like in an olympic pool, after all.

So be sure that you know how to swim. Kids have a little part of the lake cornered for them where the water is shallow, but besides that you will probably not reach its bottom.

So this is pretty much it, guys, for today. Be sure to visit the place if you can! It's a pretty good experience!