...have to do now is to survive for a week only with a laptop.

For some reason my computer gave up working, and now I have to wait till it gets fixed up.
Thus, guys, you'll have to be really patient with me, cause I can't work with a laptop normally. I think this shall be an oportunity for me to get to know how to do stuff on it better. This is what I'm telling myself, while the only thing I wish to do is to punch someone in the face and/or drop something out the window.

Should I also say, that thankfully sis isn't home so I can fuck around with the laptop? I guess every bad thing has something good in it. And it's not even Friday the 13th!

Anyways, what I wanted to tell you guys with all of these is that I probably won't write too long posts till I have my comp back and running again - even writing this much on this god forsaken laptop makes me want to scream... my muscles are already hurting from these idiotical keys, and I don't know why.

So, this way I decided to review a couple of movies I finally managed to see.

Red Riding Hood 2011

If you liked Twilight, it will be sure that you will like this movie. A fact that actually means you have a terrible taste in movies. This movie wasn't too terrible - but I certeinly wouldn't watch it again. It has a pretty bullshit story added to it with the same bullshit "werewolf" character the Twilight series have. You know the one that had the great idea of using real wolves as "werewolfs". Considering that the same person made both of these says a lot about it. The characters in it were flat and boring, the dialogues were just about the same and the actors were really really bad. Also, I don't understand what this thing was all about, when it is clearly stated that the werewolf can't step on holy ground, and that someone of the village is 100% it. Would it have been a lot to ask of the people for all of them to stay at their precious church for one night and thus get rid of their flee-bitten little problem? Useless story, with a stupid blonde teenager as the main leader. Teenagers would probably love it.

God Bless America 2012

This is a pretty good movie in my opinion, even if some would say it's overdone. And I'm saying this because I can simpatize with the main character. I loved the story all in all, it does have a lot to say about how our culture evolved - or should I say, devolved? And it gives me thrills just the fact that it mostly focuses on America. Hell, yes, there are a lot of idiots there- that doesn't mean there aren't any here- and I just wish I could join the main characters in getting rid of them. Although the acting, and sometimes the actual plot lacks something, the whole bundle will give you a lot to think about. It's angry, it's full of frustration and rage, and it's funny in a dark, give-that-bitch-a-punch-in-the-face kind of way. Although, I have to warn you guys, this movie is probably not for everyone. All you little kids out there should stay away from it if you will only bitch about it in the end.