...have to tell you guys is that today was almost a disaster.

It's mom's B-day today, and as usual I wanted to make something special.

I even had Ágota joining me on trying to make something good, and let me tell you, it wasn't beautiful. At all.

It started out like this:

Everything like it should be...

Ágota managed to even make some pretty little flower decorations for it.

And then, suddenly:

Probably the worst thing that ever happened to us in the kitchen (besides that time when I dropped the half-baked pie on the ground).

We didn't know if we should laugh or cry - Ágota even called her mom to see if she had a solution. She did! (Thanx!) We made a new one...

And, thankfully, Ágota managed to salvage the first cake too. I don't know what I would have done with it otherwise. Thank god, she is staying here today :)

This is what we had in the end:

It was pretty good... amazingly sweet - I couldn't manage to finish even a piece of it, it was so sweet, but it was good enough. For a disastrous day, it ended pretty well.

We also had some Orange Blossom (Gin+ orange juice+ sugar syrup + ice), bought two huge pizzas (I swear, it was HUGE - we couldn't finish it), and drank a whole lot of beer.

We are now really, really full, and just about ready to change into nightclothes and watch The Lion King. Yeah, that was the plan for today, since neither Ágota or mom saw it yet (oh, the horror!).

So, guys, this is just about it for today.

Happy B-day Mom! (Again!) <3