...was browsing trough yesterday was a site with cool places in Romania.

I was looking for a nice place for us to visit this Saturday, that would fit into our budget, could be accessed by train and would be just a little bit special.

Sadly I still didn't find just the right place - though I won't give up- that I haven't seen before. But! I found a short little article that said one of the castles around here is considered probably the scariest buildings from all around the world.

I don't actually know why that would be - I think the castle was the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life and I wondered how I missed it till now.

But this gave me the idea to show you guys a couple of buildings that are considered frightening by the mass. Yes, I will include the one I saw yesterday. Just so I get your input about it, you know. I'm curious if I'm the only one who doesn't think it frightening at all.

All right, so I admit, the article was made by Lonely Planet. If you don't mind going over there and reading it, it would probably give you some idea of what I'm going to talk about next.

Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Lonely Planet considers this the scariest building from the whole world. This building is supposed to be a peculiar shrine to Buddha or something along those lines. It is covered with a combination of whitewash and tiny mirror chips that make it shine from afar. Everything in that building and it's surroundings is full with riddles and teachings, and Buddhist philosophy, so I guess it must be a pretty nice adventure to discover them all. I don't really find this scary at all - unless you have a phobia of ancient legendary creatures or religious figures. You can read more about the place on this site I found.

The second one on the list is Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Romania.

This is the place I was talking about earlier. I swear, this is the most gorgeous building I saw in my life. The castle is also known as Hunyadi Castle or Hunedoara Castle, since it's located in Hunedoara, Transylvania. Yes, it is Transylvania, again. And thus it has a nice little connection to the usual vampire stories. It was here that Vlad Dracul, the father of Vlad Tepes was imprisoned for years. Of course there were a whole bunch of movies made here too, and I can't blame anyone for choosing this site. What do you think about it? Isn't it amazing?

Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago, Illinois.

I wouldn't call this building spooky at all. Ugly? Yes. Spooky? No. The prison apparently has an exercise yard on its roof, houses both male and female criminals and also has a gym and a library with movies. I think if someone would want to imprison me in there it would be punishment enough to know how ugly that thing is.

Chernobyl Reactor #4, Ukraine

Yeah, I guess this one could be considered spooky by most of the people out there. All the horror stories told about the whole Chernobyl surroundings made sure that not many would venture to see the place for themselves. Even though there are still about 300 people living around there. There is also the thing that if you only go for a short visit, you won't suffer any poisoning at all. In fact, you would get more radiations from a flight between the UK to the USA than from a short visit to this place.

Lemp Mansion, St Louis, Missouri.

This is probably the funniest thing added to the list. The building doesn't look scary AT ALL, and I won't believe it for a moment that it's haunted. Apparently there were three suicides committed in the building - and as Lonely Planet said, there was also an MTV reality show filmed in there. Oh wait. This last thing makes me believe that it IS the most horrific building ever. (Also, I was wondering what is considered a good enough reason for a ghost to haunt a building. I'm pretty sure it's not suicide, cause I know a couple of people who committed suicide and none of them came back to haunt us. Oh, is it too early for suicide jokes?)

Scott Monument, Edinburgh.

Oh, Edinburgh, some day I'll invade your beautiful country. Yes, the whole of it. And your fellow countries too. Anyways, this tower is about 62 meters high, and it has a bunch of viewing decks that can be reached by taking a spiral staircase up. According to Lonely Planet the staircase is really claustrophobic. I don't know about you guys, but these are not good enough reasons to make something be spooky. In fact, I have been in a couple of similar places - for example the tower of the Saint Michael Church in our city is 75 meters high, and the stairs just as narrow. And we managed to climb it without a problem. Or the Salina Turda, just this last week, was almost as high as this. Or is this list supposed to be one for those who suffer phobias? Did I miss something?

Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa, Canada.

This building was a jail, and they now converted it into a hostel... that looks like a jail. Yes, tourists can go check out how a night in a jail would be. Apparently the building is also haunted by some old bastard who was hanged or some such rot. I still say... meh.

I'm pretty sure there are scarier places out there, Lonely Planet, so why these? I suppose the writer didn't get enough payment to write a better list, or something?