...am now waiting for is the new Peter Hollens video.

He promised to release it in the next two hours or so, so now I only have to wait a little bit more for it.

Until then let us entertain ourselves with this blog post.

Celtic and Gaelic music is pretty popular nowadays, but what about the other ones? I mean, these weren't the only ancient people who had some traditional music, surely?

Sadly, the internet doesn't have too much information of similar music styles - so we will have to make due with what I managed to find out (I have absolutely no other way of getting any new info...).

As I was saying, I kinda know that you guys are all familiar with the dreamy music style that usually accompanies movies about old Ireland or Scotland or whatever else is around up there, but here's a sample of it just for fun.

Sooo now I think we should go around the world, getting a taste of traditional music from different parts of it. First stop? New Zealand, and the maori.

I'm going to have to say that this kind of music sounds really, really exotic to me - it reminds me of hidden islands and the adventures of being the first to arrive on a distant island (with the possibility of being hunted down and

Let's go to another interesting part of the world from here - China.

I find it kinda crazy -but in a good way - that whenever a song of this kind comes up, you will most assuredly recognize it's origins. You know... without any lyrics that point you to the language and nationality. Although I'm not much of a folk music lover, I find it really cool that every single nation can be recognized only by the instruments they usually play. (And even if you can't pinpoint exactly in which part of China is this a popular song, you will definitely know that it's from that part of the world.) This is kinda nice, with all the modern music that is so international, and not really belonging to anyone specifically.

All right, let's check out if I'm right. Press start on the next video and close your eyes. I be you can guess from where it comes from.

You guessed right, Africa.

How about this next one?

And now, let's get back to Europe. Will you be able to guess this one without cheating?

Suddenly... I'm wondering about why people never did a mashup of these songs? Or if they did why isn't it uploaded to the internet? Wouldn't it be nice to have short little glimpses of all these different cultures - you know, just to be able to compare them and learn from them?