...am really looking forward to is watching the new episode of Doctor Who.

Yeah, I actually waited for me to finish up writing this blog post before sitting back and enjoying the crap out of the new series.

You guys have no idea how much I've been waiting for September, to be able to finally watch new episodes of most of the shows I like.

Anyways, I thought today I will keep it short just because of this, and tell you about a couple of things I learned from playing video games.

I know, I know, I'm not exactly a HUGE gamer (I didn't really play the games most of you guys love, like Assassin Creed and stuff like that), but I did play my share of them - and I'm hoping I will be around to enjoy a few more in the future.

So, let's get down to business, cause the show ain't gonna watch itself!

1. Things can go really well if you work together with your friends - but there are some idiots who will try to fuck everything up, whom you should avoid with everything you can.

I can't express how many times I found myself in a group that couldn't work well together. Although it might seem hilarious now that I think back on it, at the time it wasn't too funny...

2. Sometimes you just have to endure the worst kind of people for the best stories.

Stories that will probably not help you out in the long run, but they will give you just a few minutes of hilarity.

3. Rage Control
Although I never went THAT far, sometimes I did have the urge to hit something. The worse that happened was at an Easter a few years back when I logged into an MMO to take part of an event of hunting for eggs with some sweet items in them. Of course, there were so many people around I had to turn down my setting to the lowest, to avoid the lag - but it was still bad anyways. There are only a few eggs hidden, and I managed to find one, and just when I was about to get it... DC (disconnected).... thankfully my desk is pretty strong.

4. You will fail over and over again, until you reach your goal.

I have to admit that sometimes games get me so freaking enraged that I just have to quit altogether. The thing is, after a couple of days I usually come back to them - even if in my anger I uninstall them, and have to start all over - just because they won't let me think about anything else. Yeah I'm kinda strange like that. Mom always ask me why do I even play if it makes me so angry - what's the fun in it? Well... the fun comes when you can finally beat the shit out of some imaginary enemy and get to the end of the story, all victorious and proud that you managed to overcome every single thing they put in your way.

5. It's harder being an asshole than trying to be good.
I don't know about you guys, but no matter how many times I started a game that had multiple choices of who and what you will become, I always ended up being the good guy. Those few instances I tried to act like a douche just to see how the game will end in that case - I ended up quitting in the end, never actually seeing where it lead me. Some of you guys may say that playing the evil in a game is a lot more fun than being the good guy and resolving everyone's problems.
The thing is - just like in real life - if you're a douche, you will probably left alone. And just like in real life, even after a short while of rebelling people will crave some good and friendly interaction with others. Now, even if this "other" is just a cube with hearth shapes drawn onto its surface - you will most assuredly have some good time with them.

6. Everything has a purpose, even if you don't know what it is at the moment.

7. Never stop exploring.

Need I say anything more?
If you don't explore, chances are a lot of great stuff will be lost for you forever - and that you might never even be able to finish your game. Also, from unexplored places, enemies can rush you unexpectedly...

8. If you’re stuck in life and don’t know what to do, simply attempt to use every single item in your possession on your obstacle. If none of them work, go back the way you came. You’ve clearly missed something. A rubber chicken perhaps?