...think, is that I'm in a sugar rush.

We just came home from the mall, and from the cinema after watching Brave, and I kinda had some energy drink and now I feel like nothing can stop me.
You know those hyperactive kids who run around screaming for hours? Well I'm kinda like them now. I learned quite a few years back that drinks that have caffeine or any other kind of stimulant aren't too good for me, but I think this is just good at the moment.

At least I know that they actually work.

Edit: Now that I think I got it all out of my system I thought I should edit this post. Add some things to it. Everything that is in bold, is a new edit.

I look down at my hands, and they are absolutely shaking, and I I (Double I?) am ready to to (And a double to too) do something. I'm writing this really fast, I have absolutely no idea how I'm doing it. It's like those stupid movies where the hacker just presses random buttons...

I shouldn't have drank dad (dad? I drank dad? what the fuck?) stupid energy drink. I think mom would know that I had it. She always knows, because I usually can't shut my mouth for anything when I have coffee or something. (or something what?)

And I can't sit still for more than five minutes.

I have some really fast hands in these instances.

If I'm not in front of the computer I just gesticulate really hard or something...

I bet that once I come down from my high and read this blog post I will want to hit a wall. With my head. Repeatedly. (Yes. I. Do.)

But fuck it. I'm in a rush right now.


Fuck you guys, cause you don't read my blog anymore.

Fuck, where did all the people go?

Where are all the people who made my counters rise?

God, I hate you guys.

I do.

(Also, fuck myself for writing this blog post in this state).

Ugh, I also wanted to tell you guys to just go and watch Brave. It's awesome. Really. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. (<-----you don't know how much trouble I had writing down that) (This is at least true!)

It's different. It's really, really good. It's amazingly good. Believe me. It's Pixar. And that HAIR, omg, the hair, I would do anything or (OR?) that hair. I loved it. I loved the bears, and the fashion, and the story. And the wisps, they always creeped me out, but they did that even more here. I think I won't visit a forest any time soon. (Nah, I love forests.)

I loved the details. I loved the the (double the 'the'?) horn thingy. It reminded me of history lessons and about the people who used to live here in these terrains.

I loved the fights.

Ooooh, I loved the bears. Soooo cute.

I was kinda expecting to see the grumpy one turn back into a prince or something. But it's good it didn't. Fuck Disney princesses, and their idiotic love lives!

Pixaaaaar rules. (YEP)

This turned out to be such a good movie, I'm putting it in my top 5 right along with How to train your dragon, Saving Nemo, Ratatuille and the Lion King (which isn't Pixar but it still makes me cry every time).

(What about Despicable me? And Mulan?)

Ooooh, I think they will need to make some more animated movies like this one.

I would watch them. (100% true)

I really, really love these cultures. They are epic, and runic, and Celtic and all kinds of 'ic'. (Agrologic? Arthritic? Gymnastic? Pediatric? Panoramic? Academic? Also, this is Gaelic, not Celtic.)

Go. Watch it. Now. In 3D, if you have the means.

You'll love it. And please please please watch it with the original voices. They are amazing. We deliberately chose to watch it like that instead of a stupid dubbed version.

Fuck dubbed movies!

Fuck, I need to go kill some stuff.

Oh, in a video game. Just in case you were wondering.

Good bye. Adios.


(I didn't in fact go kill anything after this, instead my imagination got sucked into an intense game of bingo. Bingo is probably enough to get the rush out of anyone. Also, I didn't add any pics or videos to this post yet, so here's the soundtrack to the movie. Enjoy.

Mom, sorry for the "csá" thingy)