...have to do is to say goodbye to Amy and Rory.

Yes, I'm talking about Doctor Who, and the fact that it's not only over till Christmas, we also have to make due with a new companion.

I have to tell you guys, that Amy and Rory were probably the best companions since I started watching these series. I will miss them terribly. Especially because the new one is not exactly to my taste. I hope, tho, that I will be able to warm up towards her like I did for Matt Smith.

Ah well...

Some things end, and some things start. I'm saying this, because today is the first episode of Once Upon a Time's second series. I can't wait to see it!

But until then, let's spend some time on other things.

I thought that once again I will do a little link roundup. I hope no one minds this... I find them usually quite entertaining, and I always manage to spend a huge amount of time just exploring them.

I also thought that today's topic for this roundup should be an analysis of you inner self.

Okay, so it sounds like it should be something quite serious, but don't worry... What I will show you are basically on par with your horoscope... so if you like these things (even if you don't believe them), I think you should check them out. Maybe they will say something about you after all...

And just so I can fill this post, I'll also post what they say about me. For the fun of it.

1. What Tree Did You Fall From?
As the title says, this post will tell you what kind of tree is supposed to be the symbol for your birthday. Not only this, but it will also explain what each tree represents, so you don't need to run off to another place just to be able to figure out what it is.

Apparently my birthday three is the Weeping Willow (I guess this explains why my budgie used to like to bite me). Also, it says that the weeping willow represents melancholy -not that I'm surprised at this - beautiful but full of melancholy, attractive, very empathetic, loves anything beautiful and tasteful, loves to travel, dreamer, restless, capricious, honest, can be influenced but is not easy to live with, demanding, good intuition, suffers in love but finds sometimes an anchoring partner.

2.  Numerology.com
I was always a fan of numerology - but I usually got sidetracked with what MY birthday numbers represent to actually read about everything else. On this particular site you will only have to enter the day you were born (which, in my opinion is a little bit strange, because numerology readings usually involve both the month and the year - and possible even the precise hour if you know it).
But even tho it is really simple, you can always check out what it says about you.

Now let me just summarize mine for you, because it is too lengthy for me to just copy everything down. The site says that I'm very idealistic, intuitive, highly emotional (I never really thought that I'm emotional...), that I don't take criticism well (no shit!), that I'm determined (not really true, either, I tend to give up on things quite frequently...). It says that I'm not at all good with the business world - which is sooo totally true, considering that I went to a business themed High-School, and hated most of the classes. It also says that I'm really nervous all the time. Well, that is absolutely accurate. I am usually ready to piss my pants every time I know I have to be tested on something.

All right... on to the next one!

3. PaulSadowsky.com
All right, this site is REALLY detailed about things that happened on your birthday. It will actually tell you who were the famous people who share your birthday, it will tell you what kind of Holidays were celebrated that year, and on which date (for example, when I was born, Easter was celebrated on 26 March), it will tell you what kind of sign you are in different horoscopes (I'm snake in Chinese, and a bear in the American Zodiac). It will tell you the top songs of that particular day, it will actually tell you how much calories of heat your birthday candles will produce on your next birthday cake (which I found a hilarious fact, and highly not at the point), and it will also tell you in which phase the moon was on your birthday.

I'm not going to go into detail about mine now - the list is long, long, long - but if someone is interested, or just wants to share her stuff, feel free to write them in the comment section.

Also, if you look closely at this site, it will give you another kind of reading... One that you will get after you enter your name. Feel free to check this one out too - and compare the things you get to know via this with the ones you learned from your birthday numbers. Apparently, for me it says that my "destiny" is to either write, speak, act, sing or teach.

4. Blogthings
This one is a lot simpler and shorter than the previous one. It's straight at the point, so it won't actually tell you what different symbols mean. But if you are curious about what your strengths or weaknesses are supposed to be feel free to check it out.

I have to tell you that the things it says about me is highly accurate - but I still wonder if this actually works for others too, or am I just one of those caricature personas that these things are based on.

Also, apparently I'm a  guru - a thing that is not explained at all to me, but it is stated right there plain and simple. What's a guru good at anyway?

5.  The secret language of Birthdays
This one has a bunch of other stuff the other ones didn't have - at least for me, it does. So head out over there if you are not bored yet.

Let me tell you basically what my reading says... I'm dramatic, easily bored, manipulative and judgmental. Whoa, a lot of negative things - but I guess, most of them true too. What I didn't agree with is that it says that everything that is mundane, middle class and boring is rejected by me. Well, I'm not quite sure exactly what this means - on the first place, of course I will reject something that bores me to death, but 'middle class' doesn't annoy me at all. Is it considered middle class if I want to have a quiet life in a little house, somewhere under a little forest or something? For some people this might be boring, but I think this would be ideal for me... Well, I guess it's all about how you interpret it...
What I found totally accurate for me is the 'political view' part. It says that people born on this day are usually all for emancipation of oppressed people, that we detest all false displays of caring emotion from the condescending power holders (yes!), and we really, really hate snobbery (Yep, yep, that's true).
BUT. Apparently we are kinda hypocritical too, cause we usually like to manipulate people. :D Prepare to be manipulated, my children!

Yes, this site is probably the best one of this kind that I came across till now. Check it out! (It also has some pretty good advice!)

6. LovePM
All right, let's leave land of numbers and go to the land of letters. If you know a little bit about numerology, you will know that letters can be converted into numbers quite easily, and based on these they can be given interesting meanings. So, for example, if you take your name and convert it, you will most probably get some new information about you.

Be careful, tho, to only add you FIRST name to this site (which is again, kinda interesting, since I'm used to this kind of thing only working with your full name).

Anyways, here's what my name says about me:
I'm very inactive and secretive, and I need to be told what to do, otherwise I won't do anything. (YES, I'm a really lazy person). I like to create my own fantasy land. I have many mood swings, and I change my opinions very fast. I guess this means I'm not a really reliable person either...

Hmm.... and since that is also true, I'm going to finish this post right now, with a short little video about the meaning of names. Check it out: