...have to take advantage of is the next couple of free moments.

I've been cooking since morning and now that we ate I have about half an hour to write this post before I have to go back to making cookies and cakes.

Yeah, since my B-day is coming I thought it would be nice to have something in case someone drops by (which I pretty much doubt that will happen since everyone has "better" stuff to do).

But anyways, today's post won't be entertaining in on itself, but I think it will be useful enough for all you bookworms out there.

I'm going to link you guys a whole bunch of internet sites from where you can get book for free.

This, in my opinion is pretty great, since I know how much pain in the ass is when you go into a bookstore and see the price of some of these treasures. Here, at least, you can rarely afford to buy a book - especially newer ones.

But then, thankfully, here is the internet. I'm pretty sure that browsing trough these next sites will take up a whole lot of your time, but at least it will be time well spent.

Check them out, and tell me what you think about them.

And now, let us start... with the most obvious one.

Project Gutenberg - I think that everyone knows about this site already, but you can't have a list like this, without including it. It has about 40.000 books you can chose from.

Classic Reader - it doesn't have as many as Project Gutenberg, but this site still has some good old classics you can check out.

Readprint - This site is similar to Goodreads, you can read some good classics, manage your bookshelves and plan what you want to read next.

Goodreads - Since I already mentioned this site (currently my favorite), I had to post it. Although not every book on it is free, you can choose from a huge variety, and even ask for recommendations both from the site, and from other readers.

Planet E-book - This site, as far as I could see, only has a bunch (currently 82) of old classics you can download and read. It also has a newsletter you can sign up for, and they will notify you if a new book is uploaded to the site.

Bibliomania - This site could be really useful for students, since you can not only find the books you have to read for your literature class, it also has book notes, articles, interviews, study guides, references and

Literature.org - This site is lead by enthusiasts and not real librarians - as the 'about' page says. It will only have books that are available in the public domain, which to me basically means that there are no new and modern works in it. Feel free to check it out, tho, maybe you'Ll find something that's not on the other sites yet.

Bartleby.com - If you are a student at one of the best universities in the world you probably know about the existence of this site. Bartleby.com has a bunch of books you can read free, and all of them are put into bundles like "Harvard Classics" and "Oxford Shakespeare". There are a bunch of interesting references too, with dictionaries, proverbs, orations and some other stuff you might want to like to know.

Textbook Revolution - Sometimes it is not an option to buy an expensive textbook for a single paper you have to write, or a boring class you have to take to be able to finish your studies. This site has a bunch of books, sorted by different topics starting with Biology and ending with World History. Check it out, you might have the luck of getting your hands on a copy that's even better than the one your teacher wants you to read.

Medical - So you chose to study medicine, right? Well, this site has a bunch of lectures and free books you can study in all kinds of medical fields. If you look around better on it you will notice that it offers a whole bunch of other things, like information about exams or magazines, or even softwares.

Science and Math - If your field of choice was this, you might find something useful to read on this site. It has a bunch of books about chemistry and medicine and algebra and other stuff. Pretty useful, if you ask me.

Business - I used to go to a high school that had a bunch of classes in this topic and I kinda hated them all (besides the classes about marketing). But since there are soooo many people nowadays studying business, this site would be really useful and possibly popular. It has books about accounting and management and other boring stuff.

International Children's Digital Library - Apparently even illustrated children books can be now read online, so why not head out over there to find something interesting for your child?

Bored.com - this site has all kinds of different literature books, books about games and music and recipe books... you can more or less find something in any topic you can come up with (all right, probably not, but you get the point).

The Divine Life Society - Here you can find books mostly about yoga and philosophy, but these usually go hand in hand with some religious stuff too, so don't get surprised if you come across something about the gods.

E-Library - Since I mentioned religion, this site has a lot of religious works, but there are some other categories too you might want to check out.

Read book online - This site has a bunch of classics on it too, and it is mostly favored by people who like plays. It also has a bunch of award winning books on it, so you will know what is supposed to be "good".

Shakespeare - What else should I said about this site besides that it has the complete works of William Shakespeare?

PublicBookshelf - If you are into reading romances, this site offers a pretty large variety of them. It has contemporary and fantasy and historical, and even Western romance novels.

Free-Online-Novels - If you got bored of those old classics, this site has a bunch of newer ones too. All of them are free, of course...

Getfreeebooks - Here is another site that has all kinds of modern books on it, in different categories.

Hourwolf - If you are more into SF and Fantasy, this site has a whole bunch of them. And as far as I could see a lot of them are good old-time story books too.

Free Novels Online - As the title says (and, as I think you already guessed since this post is about books, after all), this site contains a bunch of free novels. The books found on this site are from authors who want to promote their work in the future, so these books are more than likely not found in any bookshops.

Perseus Hopper - This site offers lots of ancient books, and the beauty of it is that you can read them both in English or the original language, such as Latin, Greek or even Arabic.

Onlinebooks4free - This site has a pretty big collection of books with different topics, starting at science and ending with religion.

JRBooksOnline - this site is supposed to have some rare books on it, so feel free to browse the different categories and bask in the knowledge that you probably read something you will never ever be able to hold in your hands.

Questia - This site has a lot of free books, and a lot of them are rare too. Of course you might find some old time classics there also...

ChestofBooks - I'm starting to repeat myself, I realize, but there is only so many times you can talk about sites with books and make it interesting. This site has books about animals and fairies, and magic mushrooms, with some hardcore finances sprinkled in too. Not everything is about having fun, after all...

Free- eBooks.net - This site has both fiction and non-fiction books, but added with the extra academic books and textbooks too.

Quickfound.net - If you are a sucker for art, this place will have a whole lot to offer you. It has books both about specific artists, and also about different art forms - so you might also learn some new techniques too.

TopMystery - This is the place where those who love a good old mystery will go to die. It has both books and movies!

Banned Books Online - Because, fuck censorship!

World Book Library - This site has academic eBooks, journals and magazines, audio books, and Graphic Novels besides normal novels.

And this is pretty much it for today. May you never run out of new books to read!