...really hate is when people don't talk clearly.

Today I had the misfortune of being at home when an Avon package was delivered, and I had to be the one to pick it up.
The guy who delivered it talked in such an idiotic way, I could barely understand him. And then, when I stumbled to answer him, he just mumbled some real rude things under his nose.

I mean... what the hell? Now I'm the retarded one for not being able to understand his crazy talk? And then he had the boldness of asking me where I am from in such a disgusted way, that I couldn't help but feel that he was just a little bit touched in the head, thinking that he is so much better than everyone else.

Well... I hope that he won't ever have the misfortune again of having to deliver another package. His attitude problem will get him into serious trouble sooner or later.

But we are not here to rage about real life trolls.

Today I'm going to show you another couple of interesting and beautiful places from all around the world.

The first stop? A cenote!

In case you were wondering what a cenote is, it's a huge pit made by the collapse of a limestone bedrock, that reveals some underground water. These pits are usually more characteristic to the lands of Mexico, especially to the Yucatan peninsula.
These cenotes were sometimes used by the Mayans for sacrificial offerings, so they sometimes contain real treasures at the bottoms.

All right, since we dived into the underground waters, now let us visit something that is a lot higher... Mount Roraima.

This beautiful mountain is located between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. This tabletop mountain is one of the oldest geological formations on Earth, having about two billion years. The place is really interesting not only because the peak seems to always be surrounded by clouds, but because of the strange endemic plants too. If anyone decides to visit it here are some things they need to know. The place is a national park, so everyone will need permission to enter. Before hiking every baggage is checked out, and no one is allowed to go up there with one that weighs more than 15 kilos. Of course, gathering plants and rocks to bring home from there is out of the question. People attempting the hike should be ready for fast weather changes and a really long walk. It usually takes about 2-2.5 days to get up there. If you want something more detailed, you can check out this site. . Also, before we go on to our next location, watch this video. It's out of this world!

So the third location we will stop by is Caño Cristales.

This particular river is located in the Macarena Mountains, which is in turn in Columbia. The magic in this river lies in the season you visit it. If you go there any other time than a few weeks between September and November, you won't see anything interesting in it. But in those short weeks when the water level is perfect so the sun can reach the unique plant on the bottom of the river, it will paint the whole place into magnificent colors, ranging from red to green. People who wish to visit this place may do so only by foot, donkey or horse, and no one is permitted to stay the night or cook.

The next stop is Vale de Lua.

This amazing place is in Brazil, and - according to the internet- it isn't a very well known place. It got its name because it is said to resemble the surface of the moon, with strangely shaped rocks that were carved out by the water and the lava flows. This is also a pretty old site, one of the oldest natural formation on Earth in fact, dating back to 1.8 billion years. This place is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so whoever visits it must be real careful, not to harm it.
Tho I don't really understand what the people in the next video are saying (feel free to enlighten us, if you speak the language!), I think it is a good enough vid, just to get the feeling of the place. Check it out!

And now... for the last interesting place you should definitely check out if you can, is Firewater pond.

I could give you the time to guess where this is located, but let me just go ahead and say it: Jamaica. Apparently, this place is also a pretty well kept 'secret', since there aren't too many people around it - yet. Who knows what posting it on the internet will do to it tho?
Anyways, the mystery in this place comes from natural gases. This little pond is actually some sort of thermal water. It is said, that once upon a time, the woman (Granny May) who lived around it wanted to get rid of a bunch of wasps, so she tried to burn them out. She used a torch for this, which at some point fell and ignited the water, instead of it going out. The beauty of this thing is, that even when the flames are burning, the water will stay the same temperature (after all, the escaping gas is burning above the water, not the water itself). The pool itself is little, and it will accommodate only a few people in it at a time. The family that owns it usually drains it out, and while the water level is low, cooks on the flames. Then, when new customers come, the pond is filled up again.