...have to tell you guys, is that I had a pretty fun evening yesterday.

And this was because we went to the premier of the Báthory Erzsébet (Elisabeth Bathory) musical-opera.

I have to tell you guys that I really loved it (tho I guess I'm not exactly a big critic when it comes to this kind of things). The story somehow managed to put me under its spell, and I absolutely loved the costumes. I don't really know why - they weren't anything extra special - but they somehow made it work for me.
I also found you guys a short little video of the team rehearsing for it (this musical-opera was actually first played in Hungary this summer, but yesterday was the premier at the Hungarian Opera in our city), check it out if you are interested.

And while we are at the topic of opera... who else heard of the Floating Stage in Austria, that get's constructed in different way on the Lake Constance?

The stage is probably the centerpiece of the Bregenz Festival, because of its amazing designs every year. The actors who are fortunate to be in a play during this festival can usually be seen every year by about 7000 people. Yes, that's how big this stage is.

If you want to check out the Panorama of this magical place, you can click on this link. This website will also provide information about what will happen next year - and if you interested in it, you can also buy your tickets in time for it.
If you would love to check out some videos made around this stage over the years, you can go check out this link.

But before you go there, here's a short little 'documentary' about it- about how the stage looks like in the beginning, and how they build it, about how the costumes are made, and practically everything that needs to be done before the show.

If you are not interested to see those link, though, here is another solution... Let me just post a couple of pictures so you can be amazed of what creativity can do.

So what do you think, would you enjoy an evening at this event? I know that I definitely would!