... realized these days is that everyone wants to copy Pinterest.

I've been Stumbling quite a lot nowadays, and I managed to find at least two or three rip-offs of Pinterest. And now, even Stumble upon is trying to copy those boards in their new beta version.

This is kinda sad, because I liked StumbleUpon the way it was, and Pinterest the way THAT was, two different kind of sites, where I could do different thing. If the new beta version sticks, tho, I will be sad to see StumbleUpon go. I don't need the same kind of site twice in my daily life, after all.

Anyways, today I planned to write a post about s new, home-made drink that you absolutely have to try out!

Let me show you what you will need for this:

1.  Grapes

These are actually grapes from our little 'cottage' in the countryside. We didn't have so much to be able to make wine out of it, but it was a lot more than we could eat before it went bad. So, I chose to turn them into a juice instead.

Now, to prepare this you will first need to try to get the pulp out. If you are a lazy person (like I am), you can just drop the whole lot of them into a blender, make it into a slushy paste kind of thingy, then just press out the juice using a sieve. This will hold back both the seeds and the hard peel of the grapes too. Press them out, until you can feel that whatever remains in the sieve is dry. There is no need to lose perfectly good juice, after all!

2.  Frozen berries

I'm guessing nowadays everyone can buy frozen berries in a local mall - which is great, but it is even better if you grew your own! 
Sadly, we didn't have any this year, so we had to make due with the first option. 

3. Orange and Lemon

Lemons are or course a must if you want to make a good drink. Since I also had a single, lonely orange I decided to use that one too. No reason to let it go bad, when you can use it to make something delicious. 

4. Water and sugar (of which I didn't make any pics, because I found them really boring and plain). 

Now, what you have to do is simple. If you obtained the grape juice, just mix that together with the juice of the orange and the lemon. While you do this, make up some simple syrup using your plain water and sugar. 

When it's done, mix it together with the juice you made until now. You can let it all cool down a little, than just drop your berries into the blender and mix them all together. Do this, until you feel that your drink is still actually a drink and not a paste (unless you want to make a kind of slushy, which, considering the berries are frozen would be actually great). 

You will end up with something like this. 

If you didn't wait for the drink to cool off, now you will have to place it into the fridge for some time, so you can get a nice cold drink out of it (since I'm on the verge of a cold, I chose to drink it without any extra coldness). 

If you have some leftover berries, you can always add a couple of them in your glass... you know, instead of ice, you can use frozen fruits. They won't water your drink down, and you can always eat them after! Delicious!