...took today, was a leap of faith.

Nothing serious, I just took it upon myself to go for a walk. You know, to see what's knew in this part of the town.

Well, I guess I will go back to hibernation like that weird groundhog. Also, I think that my IQ dropped a few numbers while I was out there. I think I won't share what I saw... just so I don't get sued for spreading chronic stupidity.

Anyways, here's a cool thing I found on the internet (between all the horror movie posts... What the hell is with StumbleUpon today? Is Halloween coming sooner this year?) .

All right, by this picture it doesn't seem anything special. But let me tell you what it is - and maybe show you a few other pics about it, from different angles.

This church is located in Hasselt, Belgium, and it actually a part of a contemporary art project.

So what's special about it, is that from every perspective you will find something totally different. Check it out:

Neat, isn't it? 

If you want to read more about this, check out the site I found it on: Architecture Lab. You'll also find some additional pictures - including the inside of it, which you will definitely want to see. It's something that you probably won't see every day. 

All right, here's another building I liked. 

This is not everything, tho. The picture you see is just a little part of the whole package. THIS is the whole thing: 

This is Sky Garden House, and it's in Singapore. I'm not going to add any more pictures, especially because all of them would be of the inside of it. As with the previous one, you should absolutely check out this site.  It has amazing pictures that somehow give this whole house a feel of a beautiful heaven. Yes, this is a place I would definitely want to live in.