...got yesterday was the hiccups.

Now, I'm sure that every one of us occasionally gets the hiccups, and after a while it gets really, really annoying.
I have to tell you guys, that while I grew up there were a whole bunch of different "treatments" my parents used on us to get the hiccups to stop - with or without any positive results.

So I thought I will share a couple of stuff you can try if you get them.

1. Try holding your breath.

I'm sure that a lot of you were given this advice, and even if this works for some of you guys, it doesn't do anything for me besides giving me an additional stomach ache. This tho, is actually based on something 'scientific' in the sense of by doing this you will try to 'remove' whatever is irritating you.

2. Drink some water. 

Mom told me to do this yesterday, cause the sounds I was making irritated her to no end. Well, I didn't do it, because quite frankly this doesn't work for me either. But just as the previous one you might give it a try - who knows, maybe you'll succeed.

3. Eat something sweet. 

This is what usually does it for me - and not just because I would do anything for chocolate. For some reason it always works for me... and if you don't have any chocolate around you, you can always just suck on a little sugar.

4. Get a shock. 

No, not electric shock, mind you. When I was young my parents always tried to scare me out of hiccuping by randomly screaming something. Sometimes this worked, but since then I'm usually aware that whenever I get the hiccups they will try to scare the crap out of me, so I'm more cautious.

5. Try to burp/cough/scream. 

This will stimulate your vocal cords, and it might help you to relax.

6. Eat something sour. 

If sucking on a lemon slice doesn't help, you can always try sipping a little vinegar or pickle juice. Doing this alternately might help you, because it will make your muscles relax in different ways. 

So which one of these works for you guys?