...have to tell you guys is that today's Ágota's birthday.

So, besides wishing her a Happy Birthday (May your wishes all come true!), I'm going to celebrate this day by showing you a couple of interesting things about nature.

First off... "brinicle"

I haven't heard of this before, so watching a short video about the "finger of death" was pretty amazing to me. But before I show that to you guys, let me tell you what this is.

A brinicle is also called an ice stalactite. It forms under water, when the surface of the sea is frozen, and when really, really cold saltwater mixes together with ocean water.

Check it out:

Also... Pando.

This one I actually learned about a long time ago, but for some reason I didn't share it with you.

Pando is a forest. Pando, is actually the largest organism on Earth. The forest of Pando, is actually one single tree.

Pando is currently about six million kilograms, and it's more than 80000 years old. It has about 47000 trunks, that grow from one, single root. Pando is also known as 'the trembling giant', and it has survived until now, even when a big quantity of its trunks were cut down - or a big portion of it burned to the ground.

Pando is a Quaking Aspen tree.

Pando currently lies on 43 hectares, and a single trunk can live up to 130 years.

The Jabuticaba is our next stop. 

I'm pretty sure that unless you live in Brazil, you probably never heard of this weird and unique tree. 
It's really special, because its fruits actually grow on the tree trunk. The fruits are of course edible - they are kinda like grapes. They can be eaten raw (they have a white pulp, and grape-like seeds), but they can also be made into jelly and wine. 

They look like this: