...find cool, are post-apocalyptic pics.

I know, I said countless of times that playing Fallout wasn't exactly my favorite pastime - but there is something strangely pretty in the way the remains of our civilizations are portrayed.

Since it's getting late now, I'm going to share with you guys my favorite pictures of this kind. Sit back and enjoy the details. Oh, but before we start... if you click on the images you will end up at their biggest size - so if you can't see everything the way it is, or you just want to use them as a wallpaper feel free to enlarge them.

All four of these are from this site

These two are from here.

These are from this place

And finally: 

These are from here.

 All right, so you didn't have too much to read today - but I gave you a bunch of interesting things to talk about. 

Here are some questions you can think about: how long do you think it would take for nature to take over? 
Which would be the first cities to suffer?
Which would be the best city-or other place for that matter- to go to in case you survived? 
What would you do if you would survive? Hide, or seek? 
Do you have any favorite post-apocalyptic pics? 

And the most important one: How do you think the world will end? 

All these I will maybe answer myself the next time I post :P Be sure to check back.