...had yesterday was a short little childish episode.

I'm saying childish because I actually sat down and watched a couple of old episodes of the Powerpuff Girls.
Yeah, I know, I'm kinda lame to do that, but it was actually quite fun to remember them. It also gave me something to write about, because I realized that some of the villains in it reminded me of other characters in other works of fiction.

So...let me start with this ones, and we shall see where it goes from then on.

1. Gangreen Gang
Gangreen Gang.png

I find these guys kind of funny and unique, since their little group resemble a bunch of misfits from other stories...

First off, Big Billy is a huge guy, with probably one of the smallest IQ's in history. He always manages to somehow blabber out their plans and ruin everything - and he doesn't even realize what he is saying. His innocence kinda reminds me of Hagrid - who also manages to somehow tell everyone what Dumbledore is planning. 

And then there is Grubber, who makes a good impression of the love-child of Quasimodo and Taz from the Looney Toons. And Ace's style of clothing makes me think about Marty from Back to the Future. 

Also, wherever I look at them as a group, the image I actually see is The Gorillaz. 

2. Fuzzy Lumpkins

He is definitely a crazier version of Hulk, with his tendency to turn into a raging animal whenever someone crosses the threshold of his property. 

3. Him

I find this guy the funniest character in the whole show. He is a possible transvestite villain, who doesn't understand love - and whose name is possibly so terrifying that no one actually speaks it. Oh, and he also has a rubber ducky as his most loyal pet. So, who do you think I will match him up with? 

Voldemort, of course. 

4. The Amoeba boys 

Three wanna-be criminals who can never actually come up with a good enough plan? 

Who else but the Olsen Gang? Even their hats kinda resemble the ones in the movies. 

5. Princess Morbucks

So let's see who she is? A rich, spoiled brat who has her father wrapped around her fingers? 

I could come up with a bunch of names for this, but to not be offensive, here's the best one: Veruca Salt. 

And now, some other cartoon characters...

6. Scrooge McDuck

scrooge mcduckk.jpg

Well, duh, he is none other than Scrooge from Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" - who in turn was inspired by some kind of politician who had a bunch of money but went around living like he didn't have anything. 

7. Vector

I just HAD to place him here, since his appearance in the movies always screamed at me the name "Mandark". And to tell you the truth the whole Despicable me seems to me like a cool mashup of Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls (Agnes as Bubbles, Margo as Blossom and Edith as Buttercup - and Gru a strange mix between maybe Dexter and the professor). 

O find it pretty great that they can make cartoons like this, that also have an original storyline... 

Oh, by the way - have you noticed that most of these cartoons generally have at least one nerd in them? If you add Ed, Edd and Eddy to it, or Mike, Lu and Og - even Disney movies, like Beauty and the Beast, or Aladdin... and probably every other animation or cartoon  - you will have the basic recipe figured out in no time. 

I guess I'll have to stop writing now for today, cause I got a bunch of other stuff to do, but here's a little sneak peak for tomorrow's post: easter eggs. :D Check back and see what I'm going to show you guys.