...promised you yesterday were easter eggs.

And I loved the reaction it got. "What, you want to write about Easter eggs NOW?"

Yes, yes I do - since I started out with the cartoons yesterday.

I remember that when the second Shrek came out, I was giggling behind my hands at the obvious parts  from other movies (Lord of the Rings, Little Mermaid, Spider-man) -and we all know that new Pixar movies are all hinted-at in old movies (for example, in Monsters, Inc. you can meet up with Rex from Toy Story, or later on Boo hands a Nemo fish over to Sulley).

Although I don't have too much time looking for all kinds of hidden things in cartoons and movies - sometimes they are fairly obvious to everyone, ans easy to spot.

And who doesn't love recognizing a shout-out to other works?

Let us now take a look at old Cartoon Network cartoons first...

1. Dexter's Laboratory, and the Flintstones

In the second season's first episode of the show, Dexter gets himself a beard. At about the 2:30 mark of the episode, you shall see him walking down the road, walking by Fred Flintstone and George Jetson. Not a big surprise, since Hanna and Barbera were quite good with their stories.

2. Foster's and the Eds

In this episode of the Foster's home for Imaginary friends you shall see not only Ed, Edd and Eddy, but also Dexter. This episode also has a creature that looks just like Pikachu from the Pokémon series. 

3. Dexter and Miss Keane

In the episode titled "Accent You Hate" Dexter and his friends are bullied buy another kid at their school. The episode also has a teacher in it that is none other but Miss Keane from the Powerpuff Girls. (Also for some strange reason this episode makes me think about Glee. I wonder why...)

Oh by the way... Dexter also has shout-outs to Dungeons and Dragons (and while we are on the game theme, the Powerpuff Girls has an episode that has Zelda in it)

4. Powerpuff Girls an the Beatles

In this hilarious episode the main villains from the show team up to form the "Beat-Alls", but Mojo Jojo soon gets distracted by a fellow monkey lady named Moko Jono. 

I think even if they didn't add any of the other lyrics to the show, this would be enough to sense a reference in it, isn't it? Also, this episode would be a really good candidate to play a drinking game to. I think you would be really, really drunk if you would take a swallow at every Beatles reference.