...should finish this year with are some extremes.

We all love records, don't we? So let's see some cool info that you will probably never use again in your life :P

1.Lowest point on Earth

The Dead Sea's shore is the lowest point on land on Earth. It is under the Sea level, at -424 m. 

2. Highest point on Earth

The highest point is still Mount Everest, with its 8848 m. 

3. Lowest oceanic point on Earth

We all know about the Mariana Trench, which is still correct. The Challenger Deep is the lowest point of the Mariana Trench, at 10,971 m. 

4. Coldest place on Earth

You can find this if you ever decide to venture into Antarctica, where you can spend your time at the Vostok Station. This was the place where the world record of low temperature was recorded, at -89.2 °C. 

5. Hottest place on Earth


If you are more into the warm, sunny places, the Death Valley is the place you should go. The record of the hottest temperature was recorded here, with a whooping 56.7°C. 

6. Driest place on Earth

It might be surprising to some, but the driest place on Earth is in Antarctica- in the Dry Valleys. This place didn't have any rain for about two million years now. Although the place looks beautiful, I don't think it would be too comfortable to spend the night there - the wind that blows around there evaporates all moisture. 

7. Wettest place on Earth

Although this place isn't wet all year long, only in the wet season, but this season is wet enough to overtake every other part on Earth that has precipitation all year long. In Cherrapunji approximately 10,820 mm rain fall in a season on average. Compared to this Romania has an average 637 mm per year. 

8.  Largest animal on Earth

The largest animal on Earth is still the blue whale - it can grow up to 30 meters in length and 180 tons. I guess not everyone loses weight while swimming... 

9. Smallest animal on Earth


Before someone tells me that amoebas should be considered the smallest animals - since they are made up of a single cell, most people don't exactly classify them as an animal. 
That said, currently the smallest animal is the fairyfly. These insects go from 0.5 to 1.0 mm long - and knowing this, it also means that they probably have one or two "weirdos" between them to. The smallest of their kind was actually 0.139 mm. 

10. Fastest animal on Earth

Is, of course the Peregrine Falcon. It can reach up to 322 km/h. Now let's compare it to the slowest one...

11. Slowest animal on Earth

Yes, it is our little friend, the sloth. This little animal doesn't move too much, and even when it does, it takes its time. Why hurry, after all? Their speed is somewhere around 1.9 km/h, so I'm guessing sending the mail with it wouldn't be a good idea.