...have to do today is to wish a very happy first birthday to the blog.

It's been one hell of an adventure - and I'm pretty proud of what we accomplished this first year. 

Exactly one year ago I welcomed everyone here, and then we were off! We shared a bunch of cool info, we played some games and listened to different songs. We watched movies and read books, and we cooked and baked and traveled all around the world. 

We had some ups and downs, with sad, funny and angry moments. 

We had tired days and high-on-sugar ones. 

We celebrated name-days and birthdays, and all kinds of holidays. 

With this post we have 345 posts this year - one for almost every single day this last year. This exact moment we have 268.600 all-time views, with the most popular post being the Harry Potter cocktail one. 

Most people found this blog via Stumbleupon, but there were quite a few hits from other places too - Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, Bing, Google, Tumblr, and of course, the occasional people who accessed the blog for the blog's sake. 

Most people who visited were of course from the U.S.A, but they were followed closely by Canada and the UK. 

I found it pretty cool that some people actually accessed this blog via phones too, not just via computers. I'm actually hoping that this means that more and more people will become interested. 

Our monthly visits got up from a whooping 151 to more than 16000 now, and I'm actually hoping that you guys will keep on sharing and clicking. 

All right guys, I won't go on and on about this year's accomplishments - I know that it is mightily boring- but I still have to thank you guys for sticking around. 


Once again. 

Happy Birthday!