...have to tell you guys, is that I hate Mondays.

I never actually had a big problem with Mondays - but today I had a pretty bad morning, so I'm joining the group of Monday haters.

And it's not even because I had to wake up earlier than usual - nowadays I try to not sleep in, cause it usually ruins my day.

I had a bunch of weird things happening to me.

First off, I had to go to Uni to talk to my professor with whom I shall write my dissertation (or for Americans, my thesis, since they call the doctorate one dissertation). It was all fun and candies until I got a bunch of papers to read and study before I have to start measuring stuff - I'm not going to bore you guys with the technicalities now.

So I was on my way home, when I realized that I just lost some money that I had in my pocket. Since I had it there in the first place with the idea of going to the store before returning home, I was in a kind of stressful mood already. (Thankfully it wasn't a large bill)

As soon as I got up on the bus, tho, my mom calls me that a guy to whom I already lent my noise measuring device wants to ask for it again.

At this I was like "WTF... I already gave it to him".

"All right" mom says to me. "Let me call him back, don't get angry".

So I wait and wait and wait, and she calls me back again and tells me that the guy apparently lost it."Well, fuck my day" I said, and told mom to tell the guy that I hope at least he shall pay it back (it wasn't exactly a cheap device).

So now I'm heading home, with a big ass umbrella in my hand that I can't put anywhere exactly, to get some more money so I can go back to the store again.

Since I hauled the damned umbrella after me all day (dropping it a couple of times, making people jump at the noise, too), I decided to leave the ugly thing at home while I run off with the money to the store.

As soon as I stepped outside of the house... RAIN. From fucking nowhere.

"God damn it" I said. "You couldn't come down five minutes earlier could you? Well there is no fucking chance that I'm going back inside to get that fucking umbrella again".

So I ran off to the shop.

It was no problem getting the things I wanted this time, so I returned to home thankful that this was over.

And as soon as I got home... the rain stopped.

So this is how the first post of the year goes... I can't believe it.

Still, I hope it will only get better from now on...