... learned about today is Orfield Laboratories' 'anechoic chamber'

I was stumbling a little bit - and as usual with stumbling I grew kinda bored with the sites that appeared on my monitor. 
So I was clicking on the stumble button faster and faster, not even giving a chance to the sites with even reading their titles, unless of course I happened across some interesting picture. 

And I did happen on one... you should check it out: 

Yeah, so at the first glance i had no idea what this room was about, but it seemed pretty interesting, so I chose to read at least its explanation. 

Apparently, this chamber is built in such a way that it absorbs 99.99% of all sounds.

Have you ever been in a totally silent place in your life? Well, this one is almost totally silent, as if you would be alone in space. 

And this kind of room is absolutely used when training astronauts, because sitting around in a place like this for more than 45 minutes would probably result in you going mad. 

Even with this amount of time people who go in there seem to have hallucinations - so for an astronaut, I'm guessing it is absolutely necessary to grow used to this feeling, and stay focused despite it. 

This place even has a Guinness Record that stands until these days for its soundproof effects, and with it being 99.99% soundproof, I doubt that some other place would win over it. 

Also, when someone is put in that room he or she has to sit on a chair, because standing or walking around is almost impossible. 

Apparently building an anechoic chamber costs a million dollars at the minimum, so unless you are Bill Gates you will probably have to make due without having one for yourself. 

So what do you think - how long would you be able to stick around in this place?