...have to apologize for, is not writing these last few days.

As I told you guys, last week was kinda busy, and yesterday I practically passed out in my bed as soon as I got home.

But I promise that for a while now I won't be neglecting you (that is, until my next busy week :P)

All right, since I don't have that much free time yet, today I'll post something short and easy. Emő told me that she came up with a topic for her own blog , but that I could write in the same topic if I wanted - since she is curious what could I say about it.

Well, then, here we are - the answer to the question "Whose childhood do you envy."

It's quite a good question, and I have to admit that I never actually thought about it before. But now that Emő brought it up, I'll have to comply.

1. Anne Shirley

I always loved the TV series based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's work. Her character was one that I always admired - her mischievousness, her cleverness, her stubbornness all good qualities I would have loved to have as a child. 

I absolutely loved her, because her character path was actually visible from the start - she managed to overcome the hardships of her earlier childhood (being an orphan and other stuff), and she didn't let any of that affect her in a negative way. 

Quite a strong character in my opinion, and I have to say that adding to it a place like Green Gables (Prince Edward Isles) just adds to the magic. 

I would have probably loved to live in that little farm - away from the village, but just close enough to reach it in an emergency. Although her later years didn't affect me in the same way as her childhood, I still think that Anne's stories should be told to every child out there. It is a classic, after all - I wish they would teach things like this in school not just the boring stuff. 

2. Merida

I realize that the cartoon she is from is pretty new, but as you already know I absolutely adored her. She is one hell of a female hero. 

What I loved about her story is that she isn't the average cartoon princess who was orphaned or who grew up with only one parent. She has a fully functional family, and she absolutely doesn't feel the need to get involved with some male Mary Stu like every other princess practically does. 

I loved her because although she grew during her story, she also remained the same. I loved her because she managed what not many of us could as teenagers. 

And I loved her because she was absolutely, without a question brave until the end. I wish I could have been like her... 

3. Calvin
I have this as my wallpaper 

So, Calvin is just a comic book character, but I bet that everyone loved him. I'm not going to give you a huge list of why Calvin's childhood I absolutely adored, but here are a few reasons: he was a really curious child, always searching for answers. He has an absolutely amazing imagination. He is talented. He is funny, but he also manages to come up with the best things to say in every situation. He is intelligent in some cases - but totally clueless in others. He is the perfect balance between childish innocence and grown-up ideas. 

Yes, I would have loved to be at least something like him. 

So who are your favorites?