...have to tell you guys, is that I'm running late.

And since I have a bunch of stuff to do, I decided to make a short post - mostly with pics about jewelry.
If you are already bored you can leave now, but let me tell you first what kind of pics I gathered for you guys.

They are jewelry inspired by different books - and I only chose the ones that actually mean something to me. Let me know if you guys like them, or have your favorites. Otherwise, enjoy!

I liked this one for The Hunger Games, because it has the same elements, but it's not quote the original design that became so popular. Also - the only book of the series I liked was the first one, the other two were kinda boring... especially the last one. 

Guess what this is from? Harry Potter, of course! I chose this necklace and pendant because I kinda liked the symbolism of the Dark Mark - and before you ask me if I loved the bad guys... not really, but they did have a few good points before their leader went mad. 

I loved the interaction between Arya and her Dancing master, so this necklace is my favorite Game of Thrones inspired jewelry. It's kinda simple - but for everyone who read the book or saw the movie, it is probably kinda symbolic. 

All right, this one was inspired by the Da Vinci Code. It is once again simple and elegant - and it also comes in silver! I would definitely want that one... 

Do I need to tell you guys what is this from? Well, I hope I don't, cause that would mean you lack a basic knowledge of practically everything. 

Yes I'm one of those crazy people who actually read the book, besides watching the movie. I'm pretty sure that the book was based on the movie, tho, and not the other way around, but this ring is an absolute favorite. SF lovers would probably want this one. 

So what do you think? Do you like them? Do I have a terrible taste in jewelry?