... am going to show you guys today are a bunch of cool things you can easily do.

Yes, this is one of those DIY posts again, so if you are full of those already keep clear!
Otherwise, I'm going to put here a bunch of ideas that I will absolutely want to try out when the right time comes.

All right, let's get started.

1. A project for All Saints Eve/ Halloween.

All right, this one is pretty easy. The only thing you need to get for these are a bunch of glowing sticks.  Besides the sticks, you will need scissors, and some real clean jars with a matching top.

What you need to do is this: break the stick, so it starts to glow. Cut it up, and spray the fluid all over the insides of the jar. close them all up nicely, and voila! You got yourself a nice firefly jar.

You can basically do the same thing with balloons!

2. A project for a hot summer day. 

This one is mostly for little children, but to hell with it, I want to play along with them! You will need a bunch of stuff you want to freeze, and a big ass freezer.

Pour some water (with maybe some food coloring in it) in a container, and freeze it. If you want, you can add the items to it now, but if you have patients you can also layer the ice with other, different colors. Place the items here and there, and and when all the ice block is frozen you can have a blast of surprising anyone with the work they have to do to dig up their gifts.

3. A project for winter.

This is another cool idea that I wish I could have come up with. You need water, food coloring and balloons for it.

It is once again pretty simple to do: fill your balloons with water, add some food coloring, and leave them out to freeze. Don't worry if the balloons break off because of the cold, you will need to get them off of the ice marbles anyway. But check out how awesome they they are! (Especially the purple one)

So which one of these will you also try out?