... I'm going to do today is to have a little nostalgic evening.

It's easier to stick to movies this time (I think I did a bunch of posts on nostalgic music already), so let's see how many people remember these...

I will start with something that was practically eating away at me these last few days. For some reason a night it just came to me... this image of a strange white colored ghost? Alien? I couldn't quite place it.

I remembered that the movie was on T.V a few times when I was a kid, and it had a scene in it with the creature looking at some cards and guessing the future.

I took it upon myself to find out what these images came from, and this is what I found:

Does anyone else remember this movie? I remember that I always felt really sad when it ended, but I don't actually remember what happened throughout the movie.

The weirdest part to it is that this movie also won some Oscars back in its time. Kind of strange that I never actually remembered watching this as a child. It seems like a pretty cool movie even now, though  I'm not sure where I could find it at this time.

All right, this next one is a little bit newer than the first one, but I remember watching this quite a couple of times as a kid too.

It went basically like this: there were a few people involved in an accident and since they all died, they turned into ghosts - so they lingered around, searching for a way to pass over, all the while  trying to help out a little boy, who meanwhile grows up and becomes himself a man.

This movie was also hard to find, because the only thing I remembered about it was that there was a bus involved in it, and an accident - and strangely I remembered the fact that there was a black woman in it, although I had no idea who she was.

It seems her character made the deepest impression in me as a child, even though if you asked me how the movie went, I could not answer you right now.

It seems that I will have to watch this one again. Until then, here's the trailer so you know what I'm talking about:

All right, this third one we actually own on VCR. Although we never watch the VCR anymore, we had awesome moments laughing at the craziness of the characters in it.

My favorite character was of course the guy who thought that he was Jesus (or God, I don't quite remember), but the others weren't too far from him either.

I don't think that I need to tell you guys more about it... if you don't know what I'm talking about by now, here's the trailer to it.

Also, if you happen to watch the movie, keep your eyes and ears open for the World Trade Center joke!

Here's another crazily bad alien movie... I loved to hate.
This one is probably the weirdest movie I ever watched in my life, and in a strange way also liked it.
I have absolutely no idea, why I did, but I did. All right, I'm absolutely weird - I also loved that old Mars Attacks! movie (which I also watched numerous times).

Here's first Mom and Dad Save The World from 1992...

And a short trailer for Mars Attacks - sorry, I couldn't let the occasion pass without including this here. This movie is absolutely hilarious, if you haven't watched it yet, do so, please!

And while we are at weird movies, here is another one for you enjoyment. And what else can it be but Asian?

I remember watching this with disgust and confusion, but no matter how terrifying they tried to make this, the only thing they managed to do with it was to make me laugh my ass off at their attempt to make a monster movie.

Yes, I know that this one is not THAT old, but it still has some nice memories attached to it. (Mom, do you remember this?)

So... guys? What do you think? How creepy am I?