...am going to show you guys today are a bunch of time wasters.

The internet is full with nonsense flash games, but let's face it, not many of them are so addicting, that you wish to abandon your whole life just to play around with it.

Although the things I will present to you in a second aren't exactly games, I'm sure that you'll have fun for a while just experimenting with them.

1. WebGL Water

If you aren't sure yet how cool computers can be, this water simulation will show it to you. The whole thing is designed to be so realistic that I can practically feel the ripples on my skin.

If you want to play around with it, you have a bunch of options to try out: you can draw on the water, or play around with the ball provided - and if you are bored with looking at it from one angle, you can also drag the pool around and check it out both from the bottom up or from one side to the other.

The only thing this misses is the sound - but hey, you can always replace it with your favorite songs.

2. M0ar! 4335

Who doesn't love music generator flashes? Especially when it's so simple to use? And so damned addicting too!

I'm really warning you, tho... don't click on that link if you have some kind of job left to do, because you will not be able to finish it.

3. Entanglement 

This game is a part of Chrome Experiments. What you basically need to do in it is to use the tiles you are give and rotate them in such a way that the tangle doesn't touch the sides of the board. Try to make it really, really long to make a huge high-score.

4. Sketchpad

There are a ton of online sketchbooks, but this one is probably my favorite - not that I can draw or something, but it seems quite professional. It has a whole lot of tools and options to it, so I guess if you can't get PS and only need the basics anyway, you could try out this one.

For this one I don't have a YouTube clip, but here's a screenshot:

5. Canvas Cycle

When you just need a basic time-out you can access this site not only to see a pretty landscape but also  to hear it. Now the only thing someone needs to figure out is how to add smell and touch to the combination, and we could practically travel around the world in a second.