...am going to show you guys today is another recipe.

It's Sunday, and it's time to make something to placate our sweet tooth.  So why not make a cool looking and also tasty morsel?

I present to you guys, the "Calf Slice".

What you will need:

All right, let me write everything down for you guys who don't understand what half the things are in the pic.

For the brown part:
18 dg flour
15 dg sugar
4 eggs
1 dl milk
1 dl oil
3 spoons of cocoa
1 pack of baking powder

For the white part:
25 dg cottage cheese
10 dg sugar
1 egg
1 pack of vanilla sugar
5 dg semolina
1 lemon's zest

Now let's see what to do:
First off, separate the 4 eggs you will use for the
brown part of the cake. The yolk will have to be mixed together with the sugar, the flour, cocoa, baking powder, the milk and the oil.

The egg whites you will have to transform magically into a fluffy cloud:

Once this is done, you will have to mix the white together with the cake base: 

Until you get something nice and smooth like this (or even smoother!) 

Now let's make the white bits! 

Just take every ingredient I showed you, and mix it together.

Once you are done with this too, place your brown cake mix into a tray that's lined with baking paper. 

After this, take the white cream and with a spoon try to place little spots of it onto the cake base. 

Done? Put it all into the oven, and bake it all up. 

Here's an optional you could acquire meanwhile: someone to lick all the left-over cake mix off of your dishes:

If you did everything right, here's what it should look like: 

Doesn't look like this? Don't worry about it, ours doesn't look like that either - the white part sank down to the bottom of the whole thing - but it still tastes wonderful! 

See the difference here... 

(Ah well, we are still not professionals) 

Let's see who can make it look like the original, though!