...wanted to do was to congratulate Felix Baumgartner

We were all watching his jump yesterday, and I have to tell you guys, it was pretty neat.

I swear, even my palms were sweating as I watched him trough the TV - imagining that he was doing that thin right in that moment.

I imagine this is a little part of what it felt to watch the first freaking Moon landing back in 65.

(For those who missed it, here's the video)

Although I was always kinda jealous of the people who were there to catch the Moon landing when it actually happened, I have to admit that I had my fare share of rare events too. 

This one was only one of them. 

But what else could we call our own besides this? 

Well, first off we all lived trough at least 3 decades, two centuries and two millennia. 

We were here when the total solar eclipse occurred in 1999, and it is said that to be able to see something like that again - from the same place - we would need to wait for an average of 375 years. 

We were here at the end of the communist era. 

We were here when Yugoslavia fell apart. 

We were here when Pluto became a dwarf planet. 

We were here when the global financial crisis started. 

We were here on 9/11. 

We were here when CERN was built. 

We were here when the World Wide Web started out. 

We were here when computers became an every-day item. 

We were here during the Gulf War. 

We were here when the war started in Afghanistan. 

We were here during the Iraqi war. 

We were here when the Soviet Union fell apart. 

We were here when mobile phones started to get common. 

We were here at the first animal cloning. 

We were here when Rover landed on Mars.

We were here when the first DVD, and USB flash drive was invented - and we are the last ones to remember cassette tapes, VCRs and Floppy disks. 

We were here, and we shall be here for a long time to come - hopefully with a bunch of even more interesting things. 

Which brings up the question: what do you think we will have during out lives?