...just spent half a day doing was playing around with a hexaflexagon.

Yeah, since I saw Vihart's video I couldn't get the thing out of my mind, so I just had to make one.
And let me tell you, I'm a total anti-talent when it comes to origami.

But I'm not here to talk about this today.

Today I'm going to amaze and disgust you at the same time.


Well, because I thought that a 'nature' post is long overdue. And not any kind of nature post. Today you shall be able to watch a bunch of animals giving birth - and...well... getting born.

Sooo, this is the last warning I shall give to you. If you are squeamish, just go read and watch something else. Also, no eating while watching these!

1. Elephant

All right, the am mount of blood in this one is huge- but then again, it was expected. It also has a kinda sad and weird part to it, but the narrator explains everything pretty well, and everything ends with Riski, the cute elephant baby walking around casually only a few minutes after being born. It's pretty amazing...

2. Giraffe

I find it incredibly cool that they actually let people and kids watch the whole thing. It might be disturbing to some (or a lot) of people, but I think it is incredibly instructive. Also, I think that sheltering kids from this without explaining anything is a little stupid. Anyways... here it is:

3. Boxer

My sister adores boxers, so this one is for her (even though, I think she already saw it. If you don't head over to YouTube for the description box, here is a little info. The dogs eat the amniotic sac, because in the wilds they had to hide the smell from predators.

4. Snake

Did you know that not every snake comes from a laid egg? Well, let me explain this first. Some animals  are ovoviviparous. This means that they lay eggs, but the eggs stay inside them, so the little ones are hatched that way. So when they give birth you will actually see the live animal, not the eggs coming out of the mother.

5. Kangaroo

I think out of all the animals the kangaroo's birth is the one that stack to me back in school the most. I remember thinking how gross the baby kangaroos were as a child, but now I just think that they are really cute.

Also... here's a +1. 


As you probably know, it's the male who gives birth around the seahorse family, so ladies, sit back and watch as the other half of the population cringes :) And then enjoy the view as the female is just about ready to make new babies once the male drops to the floor, exhausted.