...am going to show you today are a couple of videos.

It is THAT time, when I just link you guys to some random videos that I hope you would like just as much as I did.

Now, since I'm kinda constantly clicking on the refresh button as I'm waiting for the new 'The Guild' episode, I thought I should distract myself with listening to some music.

Sooo, here are a couple of interesting videos for you guys that fit in this topic.


1. 100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock and Roll)

This video, as the title says, will give you an idea of how the sounds of Rock and Roll evolved along the years. I'm not going to praise the lord for pointing me towards it, but it IS pretty interesting if you have about a quarter of hour to watch and listen.

You can later on share which one of them you liked the most.
Personally, I liked Miserlou, Smoke on the Water, Walk This Way, Say it Ain't so, and Smooth.

2. The Evolution of Video Game Music

Well, since I started with the evolution of Rock and Roll, I thought I will put here something interesting for all my nerd friends. And not only for them, either. This means that even in you aren't exactly a huge fan of video games, you should check out this video... maybe you'll learn something. (By the way, besides one or two games from this list I don't know too many either :P)

3. Evolution of Music

Oh, yes, another evolution themed video. This one actually has more than one part, so if you like this first one be sure to check them all out. They are all entertaining in their own way.

This particular one will present you a couple of songs starting with the sixties, and ending at our times.

If nothing else, it will bring up good old memories :D

Sooo, are you not entertained yet?

How about a douse of movie soundtracks?

4. Tribute to John Williams

If you didn't know it by now, one of my favorite movie composers of all time is John Williams. Why? Because he is the one that made the music for almost all my favorite movies.

And yes, this next video is only part 1 of a series of compilations. Movies, that have their soundtracks made by Mr. Williams.

And which composer do we also love besides John Williams? That's right! Hans Zimmer!

5. Hans Zimmer Amazing Compilation

I think Hans is for newer movies what Williams was foe the ones of our childhood. Zimmer basically did the music for most of the newer blockbuster movies.

I would have also showed you guys another favorite composer of mine - Patrick Doyle, but for some reason the internet doesn't have a compilation of his work. Well... a shame, really. Cause his work is pretty good too.

Do you have a favorite composer, tho? Who is it? (Ehhem Miklós Rózsa ehhem)