... keep running across are beautiful gardens.

So I thought that I could make a second post about pretty gardens, but this time with a twist to it! (It seems nowadays I only do posts with twists in it, but twists are GOOD.)

Sooo. Gardens. What could be the twist in THAT? Yes, there are endless ways of planting a garden, but a garden is just a garden, right? A big, open space with a lot of plants, and maybe some interesting items thrown in it, like benches or really old, rusty lampposts.

But what happens if you really, really love plants -and nature- but you just can't afford to have a home with a large open space, just for your amusement?

Well, there are -of course- potted plants for every kind of apartment (cold and shady, sunny and humid... whatever you have!). Then, there are terrariums - which, if you ask me are just tiny and cute little gardens in little glass containers.

I absolutely adore the pictures of them making their rounds along the never ending roads of the internet. So, ladies and gentlemen, I gathered up a bunch of them for you guys. Maybe they will inspire you for the day!

Now, first off the best of these terrariums - in my opinion - are made up of recycled glass containers. I mean, if you have a bunch of glasses don't just throw them out! You can use them to make up something pretty and cool at the same time.

Check these out, for instance:

All right, now that you got your ideal glass container, what else would you need for this? 

Well, of course, you'll need some activated charcoal (you can find this at pet shops, they sell it for the aquariums). You'll also need some potting soil, moisture loving plants, and maybe some pea gravel and miniature objects to place in it if you want to make them fancy. 

Now, the first thing you will have to do is to clean your glass containers out really well, than place some gravel on the bottom. This is a must do, since your terrarium will need some kind of drainage for it to actually work. 

Then, a layer of that charcoal, so the air gets filtered. THEN comes the soil - and with it your plants. 

Here's a tip: try getting some moss first, if you are a beginner. Also, with plats: try to place them in such a way that the leaves don't touch the glass - so you will prevent rot, that is. 

Mist the container after this, but don't cover it yet. Let it sit for a day, and mist again. You still have to let the water drops evaporate from the leaves, and only THEN you can cover it. 

What's the fun part in this? 

It's that little closed up containers don't even need to be watered too often. since they are closed down everything in there gets used over and over again - and the rare times when you actually open them up to add some moisture will be enough for the air change. 

So what do you think - will you make one? 

(I got the basic guide from THIS site, if anyone is curious)

Also, so you can maybe get a lot more inspiration I'll leave you guys with a few more pics. Have fun with your new projects - and if you're done with them, share them!