...have to make due today, is my tablet

And thank God that I even have a tablet, cause otherwise today you would go without a post. (Yes, my mouse decided to take a sabbatical this weekend - and it managed this, knowing that I can NOT replace it today. Fuck you mouse! I hope a fake cat gets you.

I don't know how I spent a couple of weeks using this tablet when I got it. Now it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I hope it's just that I haven't used it for a while... and that I will be able to get used to it, till I get my hands on a new mouse.

Dear readers: I hope you understand how much I love (you) to write in this book, for actually sitting trough this torture.


Let me introduce you guys to a couple of movies that can give you something to do during the time you feel bored and downright lazy to do anything about it.

1. A Bear Named Winnie (2004)

Yes, this is a movie about how Winnie the Pooh came to be. It's a story that plays out around the time of the first world war, where an Army Lieutenant saves a little bear from being killed by a hunter. He then - having no idea what to do with it - brings it along to the military camp. Of course the bear grows up, and since he does this with people around him, he becomes tame. This becomes a problem, though, because the bear can't be brought along to the front line of a war - and can't be left in the wilds wither to survive on its own. In the end, it ends up at a zoo - where it becomes the inspiration of A.A. Milne's stories. 

This whole movie is based on a true story too, so all you story lovers would probably love it!

2. Pizza My Heart (2005)

If you like chick flicks - you'll probably love this one. It's kinda a Romeo and Juliet spin off, where two Italian families (the Prestolanis and the Montebellos...LOL at the names) seem to be at war... because of the Pizza they make. The whole thing is quite funny in my opinion - probably one of the funniest Romeo and Juliet stories I've ever seen (Beside Gnomeo and Juliet), and it even has a Happy Ending. 

And who can resist a bunch of Italian guys fighting over pizza? Right? Right! 

3. My first Wedding (2006)

All right, this one is another romantic comedy you should love to hate and hate to love. Well, I know that it cracked me up quite a couple of times- even after I watched it for the fifth time. (And I know that my sister loves it too!)

The whole movie  is based on a misunderstanding - DUH! A guy, who works as a carpenter in a church is mistaken for a priest. Then he proceeds to go along with this as he tries to get in a soon-to-be married woman's pants. I know, the story seems awful, and mostly the acting is too, but it does crack me up every single time I watch it. I don't know why, but this is a movie I don't want to analyze as I watch it -even though, I know the whole this is a huge Bullshit. 

I guess this is so bad, it's actually good. 

4. Holiday in handcuffs (2007)

All right, I promise, only one more. This particular movie was on HBO so many times, I can't count, but it's still kinda silly and fun. The "plotline" goes like this: Trudie lives a lonely life, just trying to get by. She is probably the least liked child in her family. She doesn't have a job, a good education, a boyfriend, or anything that her family considers successful. 
Thus, when the holidays come and she has to go back to the roots, she flips out and kinda kidnaps a guy. 

5. Date Night (2010)

Ha! Another comedy. This time it's about a married couple who are just trying to keep their marriage working. BUT. Here's the twist. The restaurant they go to doesn't want to let them in, so they come up with the idea to take another couple's identity and take their seats. As it turns out, tho, the couple who failed to show up were actually criminals. So now, they have a whole night to spend running from everything and anything - and maybe solve a crime too! 

+1. Dogma (1999)

I can't believe that I never actually mentioned this movie in my blog till now, cause it is really in my top. Dogma not only has a bunch of really good actors in it, it is also a great comedy, and it somehow manages to give you something to think about at the same time. (For example, it has Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, George Carlin, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, Alanis Morisette, and -of course- Alan Rickman)

Dogma's basic plot is about a woman working at an abortion clinic, who, somehow, gets the job to stop two angels from entering Heaven and undoing the whole Universe. 

If you are still not interested in this, just watch this short little scene with George Carlin: 

So here's about 12 hours of movies you can entertain yourself with- and I think I will do just that. Rewatching these will be a LOT better than fooling round with a broken mouse and a tablet, after all.