...am going to share with you guys today are some online games.

Yes, it is game time today, but this time with a twist.

I'm gonna make up a list of my favorite "philosophical" games - and even be good enough to point you to them in case you want to try them out.

Now, I have to tell you a couple of things about these before we start. First off, they are usually quite short. Secondly, if you don't like games that require some measure of thinking, you should just leave this alone. Third thing... these games usually require you to actually READ the story line.

I know that lots of people usually just want to get to the part where you have to kill a bunch of enemies, but these games are not really enjoyable if you don't read the story behind them.

All right, let's start.

1. Closure

This game is quite fun to get into. The basics of it is that you have to get from one end of the screen to another, where a door awaits you to go on to the next level. The twist to it, tho, is that the universe you live in doesn't exist until you observe it. And to observe it, you will need some light. This whole thing is based on a quantum physics theory that states: "there is no phenomenon, UNTIL it is observed". So, guys, this whole game is basically the same thing as that short little question we are all so familiar with by now: "If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it - does this tree make a sound?"

2. The Company of Myself

This game has a pretty sad story to it. I'm not going to blow it for you, but you must know a couple of things before you check it out. The main objective of this is once again to get trough a bunch of puzzles. For this, you won't have any super powers or useful tools. The only thing you have is yourself. Also, be sure to stick around until after the credits roll - there will be a few words that will finish up the story. 

This third game is actually the prequel of 'The Company of Myself'. The reason I put it AFTER that, tho, is that it would be better if you played TCOM before this. It will give you a little idea of what is happening, and why. The basics of it is that this time you play the female character you met in the first game, and the story goes along to tell HER side of the story. It will bring a whole new dimension to it, and leave you wondering at the end about how some things work around us. Be sure to observe every little part of the game. It was built in quite a significant way - everything has it's purpose. 

As I said, a game should be entertaining enough so that people don't tend to skip the intro, or any dialogues in it. Well, this game has a really interesting intro. Let me quote it for you guys. 
"In fact 
Being lost is not to be asked for

You are there for hours, days and year
People see you
Friends know where you are
Neighbors hear your voice
But they never ask for you

Family step on you every day and pass you by
But they never... touch you

That's how my soul flew away
There left the shell getting heavier day by day
Like a stone...
And like all stones 
I started to fall down
I don't remember"

All right, that's not all of it, but this one is just to tease you guys a little. The game is easy to understand. You have a little family, and you will have to help each other out to get some stuff fixed. 

5. Coma

This is one of those games that will leave you wondering about what the hell is actually going on. The story, as the title says, is basically about a coma patient's subconscious mind. Since the patient is a little kid, you will find a whole lot of interesting things that a child's mind holds. The game is one of the most beautiful flash games I played trough, and the puzzles are pretty easy to solve in it. As in with the other games, every little thing in this counts as a hint to what is happening. For those who can't figure it out, tho, here are some explanations: the little bird that's giving you hints is Pete's mom, who's trying to get him to wake up. The red squishy thing covering the dark cave walls represent Pete's heartbeat. Also, the part where the game switches between black and white and colorful are kinda representations  of dreams and real life. 

So, guys, did I convince you to try them out? Or will it take more?