decided I shall write today about are world records.

And I chose to show you guys some pretty impressive things - and not the creepy and borderline crazy ideas that some people actually come up with. Also, this list won't include any of those Olympic or otherwise famous records - not that they aren't impressive.

So let's see...

1. World's fastest guitar player. 

The guy's name is John Taylor, and he is playing the "flight of the bumblebee" in case you were wondering. If you watch the movie to the end, he will keep speeding up the song, until you probably have no idea what it's supposed to be anymore. 

I have no idea how he can do this - it probably requires a LOT of exercise, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen someone move their fingers so fast. 

2. Most consecutive chin-ups while Hula Hooping

I don't even know how someone comes up with these things, but damn, that's pretty impressive. The record was broken this year, so if someone else wants to try this one out, you can always feel free to do it. I have the feeling that this wasn't even attempted before this, so the guy is probably not a professional. But I might also be wrong. Who knows? :D

3. Limbo

I might not be too far from the truth if I would say that there's no healthy, normal youth in our days who never tried to squeeze him or herself under one item or another. The world record holder of this particular sport? dance? I don't even know in what category it belongs - is still held by this 50 year old man, give or take a few years. The pole is set at about 5 inches high - that's 12.7 cm. 

4. World's longest diary. 

I don't have a video for this one - for obvious reasons. The guy who holds this record is named Robert Shields, and he wrote down everything he did every day for twenty years - in five minute intervals. Yes, you read that right. It took him approximately four hours each day to do this. 

The only reason he stopped doing it was that in 1996 he suffered a stroke. 

The diary holds about 35 million words. 

5. Largest hamburger

It's getting kinda late around here for this kind of stuff, but whatever. The largest hamburger that's commercially available can be found in Southgate, Michigan (where else but the U.S of A).   It weighs almost 75 kilograms, and costs 400 dollars. 

I wonder how many regular people would be needed to eat this in one sitting...