...probably never mentioned before is Stephen Lynch.

Today, while I was writing an article, his name came to mind, and I decided that I will show you guys how funny he can be.

In case you don't like pretty harsh jokes, tho, you shouldn't listen to his songs. He has a whole bunch of spot-on things that would probably make you at least blush.

In case you wish to be a bastard about it, you should also know that Lynch's parents are a former priest and a former nun. Now, if that doesn't mean classic comedy to you, I don't know what does. So just sit back today, and enjoy his humor.

1. If I were Gay

Favorite part: "And if I were gay, I would give you my whole... being" 

2. D&D

Best moment:  THE THUNDER. 

3. Craig

Funniest part: "But Craig don't give a damn." 

4. Big Fat Friend 

Best moment: "My non-discriminating friend" 

5. Priest 

Funniest part: "I could dress him up like the pope and then I'd f... oh dear god, the shame!" 

6. Special Ed

Favorite moment: "Now he thinks he's a piece of bread" 

7. Ugly Baby Song

Best line: "Can't you stuff her back in?" 

8. A History Lesson

Best moment: every. fucking. thing. 

9. Little Tiny Moustache

Favorite part: "I think you're a Nazi" 

10. Superhero

Best superhero: Fuck You Dude.