...decided to do is to write another short book review.

I've read all the big books Dan Brown wrote till these days, and I have to tell you guys about my favorite one: Deception Point.

It might catch some of you guys by surprise that the Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons isn't my top book from him, but let me tell you the reason behind this.

Although they were pretty exciting altogether, they all seemed really, really similar to me.

Which is kinda understandable, since it IS the same writer, and all (and let me just tell you, I would recognize a Dan Brown book from a mile away, because of his typical way of telling stories).

His books seem to have a whole bunch of things that you may find in every Dan Brown book: the fact that they always seem to start with a murder. The fact that the main characters seem to be a little flat. The fact that there is more suspense in the action than in anything emotional. The fact that he always writes about a higher power. The fact that his books are always full with clues that you could solve yourself as you go along with the story.

Everyone out there seems to say this book is much, much worse than Angels and Demons - which, it might seem true to some, but since Brown managed to bring alien life in his stories, and I'm a buff for this kind of things, I find this one a lot more enjoyable.

Also, it seems that not too many people even mention Digital Fortress (Which, it turns out one of my cousin is most fond of) - a book from Brown that I wasn't even able to finish till these days, even when it reads almost the same all his other books read. (It's probably because I'm not such a huge fan of computer coding, even though I found cryptography somewhat interesting)

Deception point is basically about some young, pretty and intelligent people trying to figure out why NASA claims to have found a piece of meteorite that contains fossils from another planet. They are, of course lead on a merry chase as they are attacked by people they thought were their friends, and some people they thought about fondly, turn out to be huge bastards.

I found the book interesting, and really, really fast-paced. It's almost as if you were watching a movie, with the action not really taking up more than a few days.

It's one of those stories that you just have to rid one more chapter to find out what's going on - and then another and another. It's one of those books you should read when you want to have some harmless fun, and it's definitely not a book that requires you to over think things.

I truly can not believe the fact that this book won't be made into a movie, since I think it would be so much better on the screen than the Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons. It is just somehow a lot more action packed than the others.

Also in my opinion the reason why the other Dan Brown books couldn't be turned into a good enough movie was that the book has a whole bunch of clues and secrets written down, and it's as if you were just as much of a character in them as Robert Langdon, where you can actually spend a couple of minutes trying to figure out if you are at least as intelligent as the main characters. The movie, of course didn't have this.

I think they would have done better if they made some kind of video game after the book instead of a movie, where you would have had to figure out your own way to save the world from uncomfortable truths.

But back to Deception Point.

It is, of course FICTION. That has to be said, because some people seem to always criticize every single point that differs from reality. Just like the Da Vinci Code is a fiction, this one is also a fiction. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from believing that Jesus has kids, that the government is watching your every move or that there are aliens coming for tea tomorrow morning at 17:00.

For the people that criticize these things, I have this message: never, EVER walk inside a cinema, or watch a movie. You will be traumatized.

Dan Brown really tries to stay true to reality in some points tho. The science parts to the book seem to be pretty accurate, but to tell you the truth I didn't really think about it more deeply. The explanations the characters give were just about enough for me to accept how things work in that particular world, and so it was also just about enough for me to get on with the reading.

What will make you want to hang on to the book, tho, isn't really all the action - but the promise of finally finding out who is behind all of this stuff. And by the time you get to solve ever problem, there really isn't much else left of the book.

And to tell you the truth, this is once again one of those books I wouldn't have minded if it was a little bit... you know... thicker. Although, I'm guessing there IS such a thing as too much of something good.