...have to tell you guys, is that I had the worst fucking week.

Yesterday I told you that I was waiting for my camera to arrive, didn't I? Well... It fucking didn't.

I'm so freaking angry at the moment, I actually wish that I was still sleeping, so I wouldn't have to face this frustration.

After a week where:

1. My sister's bed is kinda broken
2. One of my teeth had to be pulled out
3. My dad is ill
4. Our pet parrot died
5. I've been put on a "pause" at work.
6. I caught a cold, and I've been like this for almost two weeks now.

The only good thing about this weekend was that I got those freaking messages that my camera would arrive YESTERDAY.

So i sent the assholes a letter, asking what the fuck is happening. And today it turns out, that no matter that they are fucking working all weekend, they aren't competent enough to ship EVERYTHING at the same fucking time, so only half of my package arrived, and now I have to wait till sometime next week.

How can I fucking be so unlucky? I'm literally crying of frustration at the moment.

It's absolutely stupid, I know that, I just can't help it. I think all the things that happened this week are just catching up with me...

And dammit, it makes me sound like an emo teenager, doesn't it? Fuck that.

I decided that I shall watch some comedies today - since I don't fucking have anything better to do.

I'll be back later with a couple of reviews... probably.


All right, so I did watch a video, and I AM in a better mood- but not of the highest level imaginable.

I chose to watch The Princess Bride, because it IS supposed to be a classic - and it's also based on a supposedly good fantasy novel too.

Now, since I haven't read the book yet, I don't know how well the movie gave back everything in it, but since I did saw a couple of fantasy movies in my lifetime, I can at least try to review it.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the acting was hilariously bad. I know, I know the whole thing is supposed to be a comedy so this shouldn't be such a bad thing.

I have to tell you, tho - the storyline and the comments seemed to me a little bit forced and not at all funny. (Which MIGHT be because I went into it with the intention for it to cheer me up)

I actually don't know why this movie has such a high rate on IMDb  - probably because I missed watching this as a child (and as a kid, I would have probably loved it). Which is why I think that most of the people who voted this up are adults who grew up watching this, and did so only for the old-times sake.

Which also made me think about all those old movies I love - and the probability behind them that they aren't that good at all, I just have good memories that accompany them... Ah well...

The Princess Bride isn't THAT bad, tho. For people like me, who actually watched both Dungeons and Dragons movies (which were also hilariously badly made), this one is just a harmless movie to spend an afternoon with.

So, yeah - for those people who just wish to see the classics, it's a must.

And now, onward to find some other comedies...