...am happy about is that this week started out just about fine.

For those who are in the blog's Facebook group -page thingamajig won't come this as a surprise, but let me repeat myself for those who don't: I finally got my camera, and I also went out today to chose a new budgie for dad.

I DO hope that this one will live more than the last did - I tried to choose a big, happy looking one.

Besides this new event I also spent my day going around the house taking pic of random objects, trying to see what every button and every setting should do (I'm pretty sure that I'm on a level even lower than a beginner, so you don't need to chew me out yet)

I managed to exhaust a set of four batteries, but hey- I think they were included just for this purpose.

Anyway, since I promised that I will - here are the best pics I managed to take.

As I said, most of these are just random crap around the house, so don't get too excited - I'm only posting them for you to see the quality. I'm hoping that in the next couple of days I'll be able to get some more meaningful pics for you guys, tho. (Anyone up for a walk around the city?)

The first pics weren't that good - if you enlarge them, you'll see that they kinda have that painting look to them... Also, it seems some of them are just crappy because I focused the camera on the wrong thing.  (Like with the budgie one, where you can clearly see the focus fell on the cage instead of the bird)

And then it started getting better. 

What I found impressive about these is that a whole bunch of them were taken in pitch black (best example the bathroom one, cause it's the only room in this house that doesn't have windows). 

Also, none of these pics were adjusted in any programs, so everything is fresh and crispy, just out of the camera. 

What do you think, guys, should I go make some pics of the city? Are you curious?