...have to tell you guys, is that I'm back from my little trip.

I know, I know, you missed me a LOT.
So I thought I could share a couple of things we did in the weekend. If you stick around you might even enjoy it.

So, I don't know if I told you guys, but we left at 7 in the morning (which meant that I had to wake up before 6 to be able to get ready).

I also have to admit that I was looking forward a bit to this, since we knew that we will be in the vicinity of two places we wanted to visit since this summer. If you were here at that time, you might know of what I'm talking about  - the castles at Déva (Deva) and Hunyad (Hunedoara).

But before we get there, we have some things to do.

The first "little bit" of Friday went off with a bunch of stops where some dude kept talking while we danced around in an attempt to get warm.

This was basically our first view, and after that we went a little further and checked out this:

I won't bother you with explanation on these because it's long and boring, and I know everyone just wants to know some other details. 

It was about 15:30 when we finally arrived at: 

We had a quick lunch and then the fun part began. 

You see, Marmosim is where a bunch of different kind of stone products come from, and the slabs you can see on the pic above are mostly raw pieces that need to be turned into what everyone uses nowadays. 

See? That's what they look like. Now as you know my phone doesn't really have a good camera, so you will have to make due with what I have until I can get pics from those who actually had a real camera (I'll make another post for you guys with quality pics when I get them). 

The next pics will try to show you guys how they cut and shape the stones (mostly marble). 

And we also managed to take a look at some finished stonework at the end of our tour: 

Pretty neat, eh? 

Well, after that it was time for us to finally get checked into our Hotel - where we had a short little "girls night", drank some wine and went to bed early, because we knew that the next day we will have to wake up at 7 again. 

And even though I woke up with a massive headache the next morning, as soon as my pills kicked in, I was ready for adventure. 

I have to tell you guys, that I was a little bit anxious about this day too at first, because the previous day the professors showed us from a distance where we will go on Saturday, and it didn't appear like an easy stroll. 

Thankfully, tho, this time we took the easy way: we picked up our guide from the company we visited and went up the hills on our bus, while he explained a bunch of stuff about what we have to be careful about and what they do there (apparently they had some people die about a year ago). 

It was also a pretty cold morning, and we managed to also catch the fog rolling in and out of the towns and valleys under us. 

This last one is supposed to be liquid oxygen - I think I was the only one who managed to get a pic, and a pretty bad one too, cause I didn't have it in me to get any closer (It had all kinds of warning sings and I didn't want anyone noticing my approach and kicking the whole group out or something, but it was also too cool to pass beside it without taking a pic).

I was also kinda excited by that time, and ready to go further because I knew that the next place we will visit will be the castle at Hunedoara.

The next pics are of the outside: 

And the next ones are of it from the "inside".

I also have a couple of pics about things we checked out in the different rooms of the castle - torture chamber, prison, some expositions... 

Here are those that you might find more interesting: 

As I said, when I get better pics I'll post them for you guys to see :) 

But let's get back to work. 

After visiting this castle, we got back on a bus because some people wanted to see some monastery. I don't have ANY pictures about this, because... well - for more than one reason, actually. 

1. You weren't allowed to take any pics or to film inside. 
2. Women were allowed to go inside only if they wore a skirt. 
3. I wasn't about to put on a skirt that hundreds of religion freaks put on before me (there were a bunch of skirts OUTSIDE on a bench and you just had to walk over there, get one and put it on), not only because I found it absolutely retarded that you couldn't go in if you didn't have one, but also because of the stupidity of it, because most women just pulled it over their jeans. I mean... what the actual fuck? Isn't it obvious that you have pants under that? Also - I just saw a priest roll inside the place with a pretty damn neat car, accompanied by a bunch of other people, which I found kind of hypocritical. 

But I have to admit that the adventure of just getting TO the monastery was worth to stick around. You see, the road that leads up to that place could barely fit two little cars on it, it had a bunch of curves, and we were in a freaking huge bus. 

I think you might know where I am getting to with this. 

As soon as we managed to get to the first curve, a little car appeared across from us. Then another, and another and... about 5 or six more. Since we also had a bunch of little cars behind us, and the bus was trying to turn in the curve, the little cars had to go back on the hill, until we got to a place where they could fit in a way so they could pass the bus. 

As soon as we managed this, another huge bus appeared across us, coming down. 

You can imagine the hilarity of this. 

The bus, just as we had, also had a bunch of little cars after it. And since we are also in Romania, as soon as the bus across from us started to back up a bit so we could get out of this mess, some people behind us, not giving a fuck about what is happening decided to go up on the hill. 

They butted in, like the retards they were, cutting off our way to inch upwards, and cutting off the way for the little cars that came down. 

In the end some people had to get off the buses to stop everyone from behaving like a jackass, and we somehow managed to get up to the monastery without anyone getting hurt. 

The show was absolutely amazing, tho. 

All right, so after that we managed to get back at the Hotel, even more tired and sleepy than yesterday - so we spent some time watching some kind of pawn shop TV show on Discovery, then fell asleep. 

The last day started out just as early for us as the previous ones. 

We had to go up to the castle on top of a hill in Deva, to take some measurements. Thankfully we chose to dress up pretty well, which was a pretty good idea, since the weather up there was anything but nice. 

The wind was so cold, we were actually wondering if we would survive that short little hour up there - but since we were 5 in our group we decided that we shall stay around the device for about 15 minutes while 3 people of our group would go look around, and then switch. 

This thankfully gave us enough time to warm up a little as we climbed some stairs to check out the castle more closely. 

All right, let me show it to you guys. 

The first pic was taken Sunday morning from our hotel room. You can see the hill we had to go up on in the background. The second pic will show you what the Deva castle looks like from a bit closer. 

And the next pics are from the top of the hill. 

Is it just me, or does that building look kinda happy?

After this little trip we walked back to the Hotel, packed our bags and headed out towards our bus. 

We had to make a few stops on our way home - one so those people who didn't get any food could eat, and another in Ocna Mures, where a big supermarket was basically demolished because it was built on a territory that had lots of salt, which got mostly pumped out, so the whole structure collapsed. 

I don't have pics of this at this right moment, but I'm hoping that the people who took some pro pics managed to make some at that location too. 

So, guys, what do you think, was this a pretty neat little trip or not? I think it was! Would you like to visit these places too?