...have to tell you guys is that the next few days I won't be home.

I'm going away with a bunch of people from Uni to visit a couple of places and learn some cool things, so I won't be able to post anything new - at least not, until Monday.
And since I have to run to classes in about 10 minutes, I will attempt to post something really fast today too. 

A few days ago I finally watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

The only bad thing I could find in this movie was that it contained too many years in a too small time frame. What I mean by this is, that the whole movie should have been a lot longer so the relationships between some characters could be developed more. 

Somehow it worked this way too, tho, at least for me it did. 

It basically started out at a laboratory with apes tested on a new form of medicine that would have helped fight Alzheimer. 

As usually things go in these kind of movies, one of the newborn apes is taken away by a scientist and he grows up getting smarter and smarter. 

Since he is still basically an animal, tho - he can't control himself totally. So at one point he attacks a neighbor, and for this he is sent to a shelter - where he works out a plan to escape and get every other ape out of the place. 

I know, it sounds really crazy for those who never watched any previous Planet of the Apes movies and have no idea what's this about. But believe me, it works out. 

The acting is awesome - I especially liked that bastard kid played by Tom Felton (who I didn't even realize was in this movie until he first appeared on the screen). 

And I absolutely loved how Caesar was made and built up. 

The CGI was awesome, and the action sequences worked out pretty well even for me - who isn't really into action movies - and I even found myself cheering for the "dirty monkeys" throughout the whole movie. I say- Good job! 

Also for those who think this is a prequel to Planet of the Apes - it's not. It is actually a re-thinking of that storyline, so if you find something that doesn't line up, you should just have this in mind.