...I haven't done for a while is to search up some cool mysteries.

But since I had some free time this morning, here we are - a few cool happenings that don't seem to make any sense for some people.

1. Donnie Decker

There is a whole new world that opens up in an abused child's mind, and it comes loose in wholly different ways each time. Donnie was sadly one of those kids who grew up with his grandfather - who was not quite normal either. It should be enough to say that he molested Donnie while he was alive.

But then, when he suddenly passed away, Donnie was taken in by a local family. He was quite disturbed after he witnessed how kindly everyone spoke about his grandfather at the funeral, so he decided to spend the night at one of his friends.

Later on his new surrogate family got a call about unexplained rain falling inside their house. They would have probably waved this off as just a freak accident, but some time later when Donnie went out for a drink with some friends, apparently the rain started to fall inside the establishment too.

And then he went and got himself in trouble with the law, when he helped out some guy to store some stolen goods. He got caught, of course, and jailed for some time - where the guards promptly got a bunch of complaints because Donnie kept making rain appear out of nowhere inside that place too.

Apparently Donnie always went into a trance-like state, so it was kinda obvious that he was the one doing it.

The guards removed him from his cell, taunting him when he claimed that he could make it rain when he wanted. He brought him to the warden's office, and Donnie made it rain in there too - just to prove the guards that he wasn't lying.

The warden got so frightened by this, he actually called a priest to perform some religious rituals - and that seemed to be the end of the whole thing.

Donnie was set free some time after that, and he got a job as a cook... only to seemingly disappear after that, never to be heard about anymore.

2. Entombed animals

There are some interesting stories out there with people breaking up different kind of stones, just to find a living animal inside of them. Most of the time these are just some frogs- but apparently they found even turtles like this.

For example, in 1976 some construction workers were starting to break up some concrete they set one year before. To their surprise, at one point into the work a living turtle stumbled out of the concrete. Apparently it was sealed inside that place, in an air pocket of its body's size and shape. There were no additional marks of the turtle making his way inside the concrete before it set, or even after it.

No one actually knows how things like this happen, even though this wasn't the only account of something like this.

The funniest thing in this whole affair was that the turtle died just a few days later after it was released.

3. Oakville Blobs

There are a bunch of things nature is able to do - and one of them is to pick up different items and make them rain down on far away lands.

But there is no explanation what really happened in 1994 in Oakville, when instead of plain old rain water falling, some kind of gelatinous substance covered basically everything.

This mysterious rain fell for about 6 times after the first incident, but after the first one people started to become violently ill. Every single person in the town got sick of something that seemed to be the flu - but the sickness lasted for at least two months in each person.

Until that day no one actually thought about inspecting the weird goo, but after some while apparently one person seemed to remember it, so she collected some of the substance and sent it to the hospital.

The blob, after being studied by a bunch of people seemed to contain human white cells and two different kinds of bacteria, one of which lived in the human digestive system, and a cell that every living being has - that practically means that it was living.

There were two things people thought these things must have been. One of the solution pointed to the waste from an airplanes - but later on this was proven wrong, since the law stated that 1. this waste should be colored blue, and 2. none of this waste should be released mid-flight.

The other solution was apparently that the military was experimenting on something over the water, and it caught a bunch of jellyfish - which should have made their way somehow into the atmosphere and later on fell on the town.

But people tend to say this is also wrong, since no one smelled anything rotten after the incidents.

Of course, a bunch of people think that since they involved the military, they were probably just trying out some kind of biological weapon. The military, of course, denied every involvement in this.

4. Disappearing Lake

Before 2007 there was a glacial lake in Chile, which was of about 30 meters deep and took up about 20000 square meters. This lake was rarely visited, and it didn't have a name either - but people knew that it was there.

So when they next wondered around the place, imagine their surprise that the lake was no longer there, and a river that was not too far away from it- and was as wide as about 40 meters, was barely flowing anymore.

Now, there shouldn't be anything too surprising about this for those who know something about how nature works.

The first thought that crossed everyone's mind at hearing about this was, of course, a probable earthquake, which opened up some kind of fissure in the ground - which in turn drained the whole lake.

The problem with this theory was that apparently there was no earthquake at the time which could have caused this.

Although there appears to be a scientific explanation to this (the lake must have had too much water, breaking a natural dam and draining that way), I still find it kinda cool that huge lakes can just disappear  over the course of a few hours.

5. Hutchinson Effect

All right, so this one was again declared a hoax, but I found it pretty cool, so I had to add it on the list.

The story is about a crazy Canadian scientist, who proclaimed that he discovered some kind of weird phenomena that makes it possible to levitate heavy objects and mold together metals and woods.

The funny thing about this is that he seems to be able only to prove his via YouTube videos and far away from the eyes of REAL scientists - and apparently, he was also unable to reproduce his findings sine 1991.

He has a whole lot of people following his "work", though, believing his claims without any second thought.

There are whole websites made about his experiments - and someone even claimed that the WTC was destroyed via the Hutchinson Effect.

Also, there are a bunch of other oddballs, who are claiming that they discovered the Hutchinson effect before Hutchinson did...