... realized that I never did, was to write about my "experiences" on the internet.

So, guys, let's see what the internet taught us until these days...

1. Everyone loves cats. 
2. Justin Bieber is a girl.
3. Justin Bieber is a homosexual.
4. Justing Bieber will never hit puberty. 
5. Google plus sucks. 
6. Internet Explorer is only good to download another browser - and it's not even great at that. 
7. Everything is epic. Or a fail - or an epic fail. 
8. Everyone loves Doctor Who.
9. Splling annd gramar errorrs are a bg nono. 
10. The only people who visit Walmart are retards. 
11. Everyone loves boobs. 
12. If you quote a song on your Facebook you are a douchebag. 
13. If you make pics about your food you are a douchebag. 
14. If you wear sunglasses at night you are a douchebag.
15. If you own a pair of crocs you are a douchbag. 
16. If you knew someone before it became popular you are a hipster. 
17. Saying "maybe" on Facebook invites means NO. 
18. If you use instagram you're a hipster. 
19. You sneezed and have a fever? Probably cancer. 
20. Planking is cool. 
21. Cool picture. Photoshopped. 
22. Playing Facebook games makes you a douchebag. 
23. People hate Glee. 
24. Pics or it didn't happen! 
25. People getting hurt is funny. 
26. Animals in costumes are cute.
27. Everyone sucks. 
28. Fake and gay. 
29. This is SPARTA. 
30. In Soviet Russia... 
31. Swag. 
32. Ermahgerd Gersberms 
33. Bear Gryll's piss 
34. Everyone loves Star Wars. 
35. Everyone on the internet is a hipster. 
36. Everyone on the internet is a nerd. 
37. Everyone on the internet is a geek. 
38. Wikipedia sucks. 
39. Trolling is good. 
40. Windows sucks. 
41. Apple sucks. 
42. Everyone is a redneck. 
43. Everyone loves Skyrim. 
44. Everyone is a pirate. 
45. Everyone hates Diablo 3. 
46. Everyone loves Slender. 
47. Everyone hates Twilight
48. Everyone hates Kristen Stewart. 
49. Everyone hates Robert Pattinson.
50. Everyone loves Harry Potter. 
51. Everyone loves Emma Watson. 
52. Everyone adores Severus Snape. 
53. Everyone loves Lord of the Rings. 
54. Rainbows are awesome. 
55. Unicorns are awesome. 
56. Different animals puking or pooping rainbows are awesome. 
57. Jersey Shore sucks. 
58. Honey Boo Boo sucks. 
59. A person whose native language isn't English will always speak English better than one who grew up in an English speaking country. 
60. Saturday comes after Friday. 
61. K-pop is awesome. 
62. Hot girls have problems too. 
63. Yolo. 
64. The 90's were the best. 
65. Mustaches rule. 
66.  British people rule. 
67. Women belong in the kitchen. 
68. Make me a sandwich. 
69. Hipster glasses. 
70. The Hunger Games is pretty cool. 
71. Still a better love story than Twilight. 
72. Aliens. 
73. Japan is weird. 
74. Everything is too damn high. 
75. Chuck Norris sueifioaheiehaigheg
76. Ninja's are everywhere. 
77. America sucks. 
78. No matter where you start out from, you'll always end up in the weird part of the internet. 
79. Internet is for porn. 
80. ALWAYS read the comments. 
81. Everyone loves the Big Bang Theory. 
82. Bazinga!
83. Religion sucks. 
84. Everyone is smarter than you. Including me. 
85. Everyone is ready for a zombie attack. 
86. Bacon rules. 
87. Nutella rules. 
88. The cold side of a pillow rules. 
89. Nickelback sucks. 
90. Changes on Facebook suck. 
91. Nicholas Cage sucks. 
92. Misusing a meme makes you a retard. 
93. God help you if you take a pic of yourself in a bathroom. 
94. Everyone is a cynic. 
95. Everyone recognizes sarcasm. 
96. There is nothing worse than stepping on a Lego.
97. Hash-tags are for hipsters. 
98. Twitter sucks. 
99. Amanda Bieber is a great troll. 
100. No one cares about what you think.