...seem to write a lot about nowadays are movies.

And since I don't want to ruin this chain, I thought I will share with you guys my thoughts on Cloud Atlas.

I know, I know, the movie actually came out a whole bunch of days ago - probably a month or two, actually - but apparently we are still way behind the general population.

No matter, tho, since today and tomorrow is a national holiday in this country, we decided to go to the cinema and check this two and a half hour long masterpiece out.

Let me post the trailer to it once again, for those who are less fortunate to be able to check this one out.

And now, let's get down to business. 

First off, as you already know - I did read the book before watching the movie. I thought that I should actually know what it was about before I watched the movie, since it seemed a pretty complicated story, and I was afraid that I won't understand half what was happening in it. 

Well, I was probably pretty wrong. 

I think that they made an absolutely fabulous job of portraying almost every nuance of the book - which is pretty amazing, since the book had so many aspects and little variations that seemed impossible to be turned into something visual. 

I'm actually still under its effects - it provoked quite a few laughs and tears, if I may say so. 

I also can't believe that I'm saying this, but every single actor was perfect in it. Yes, that means Tom Hanks also. The fact that the same actor portrayed a whole variety of different characters made this all the better, especially knowing what the main message of this whole thing was. 

The worlds that were created were also pretty great, and they actually managed to transport me throughout both space and time to the moment the action took place. 

Also, I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I think that the movie was put together even better than the book - sure, I know the author of the book had a whole different thing in mind when he cut in two almost all stories, but It wouldn't have been too cool to actually keep that frame in here. 

In the movie the scenes kept changing every time when something exciting happened, and they managed to keep us on our toes for every minute of it - which, in my opinion, is what a movie should do. 

The book, of course, has the ability to share not only the innermost thoughts but the emotions of the characters too - so it's once again a totally different matter. 

Thus, I say that the whole experience managed to complete the storyline for me. 

Sure, there were quite a few things that weren't included in the movie - but which movie doesn't have this that's based on a book? I also noticed that there were a few scenes in it that you couldn't find in the books - the starting point with Robert and Sixmith comes to mind, which, in the book, was only hinted at in a few obscure places. 

What else could I say about this? Ah, the costumes, sets and - of course- the music was also great. I think that they did an excellent job with the Cloud Atlas Sextet, which was a pretty big story plotline to be treated lightly. 

You can listen to the song here: 

All in all I think this could easily be the best movie of this year - even with The Hobbit looming around the corner. (Oh, all right, so I'm also looking forward to that, but still). 

And to close this one up, you should watch this short little "behind the scenes". It will shed some light on a few things... 

This movie made its way into my top 10 list of best movies ever quite easily. I think it should be a must see for every person on this damn planet, because it has something to offer to everybody. A definite 10/10