...decided that I will do today is to recap this year's funniest events.

I've been reading a little bit of Cracked nowadays, and one of the things they talked about there made me think of this.
So sit back and let's do a little bit of recap.

April the 13th.

It's not like I'm on the side of the U.S.A, but I would still like to place one point in their favor in this one. On this day the North Koreans were planning to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Kim Il-sung (I hope he's burning in hell). Apparently even the law of physics were against this, tho, since the missile (they claimed it was a satellite) they wanted to launch managed to explode right after they launched it. Kim Jong Un (Whose birthday Wikipedia isn't really sure about, stating it was either in 1983 or 84... who the hell knows, right? It's not like he is important or anything...), who since then managed to legalize pizza, pants for women and cell phones will be forever looked on as that guy who managed to make a laugh out of North Korea. Not that North Korea was anything BUT a laugh till now. 

August the 31st. 

We jump to Hungary, where Ramil Safarov, an Azeri serviceman was returned home after he killed an Armenian guy. Since Armenia and Azerbaijan were not exactly the best pals, it was expected that something would happen, but no one actually expected the exact thing that happened. 

Apparently, Hungary was told that the criminal will be put in jail once he landed in the country - only to be set free once he was there. For this Armenia got his knicker in a twist and declared that they will severe every diplomatic tie with Hungary. 

So what do I find funny in this? Damn it, we are in 2012 and these fucking countries are still hung up on past offenses as if it happened yesterday. Really, Armenia? You get angry at the third party in a fight that should include only the law and a racist murderer? And you still think you are the better man? You make me laugh. 

August -don't exactly know which day- 

I will laugh about this one until the day I die, and then I would come back just to laugh about it some more. This particular event is -in my opinion - the most hilarious thing that actually happened since I was a kid. 

So let's see what's so funny about it... 

1. Cecilia Giménez attempts to restore a really old picture of Jesus, but just like Mr. Bean, manages to somehow make it look like a retarded alien. 
2. If you would attempt to write "Jesus" into your Google search, the thing that would more than likely pop out at about the third or fourth place is "Jesus painting restoration", which is pretty hilarious on its own. 
3. It pisses off painters. 
4. It pisses off Jesus freaks. 
5. It pisses off "relic" hunters. 
6. Priests actually take money from people who want to enter the church and laugh at the hilarity of this. 
7. Giménez actually sued the priests who did this. 
8. There are full tourist packs offered for those who want to see it, with discount flight tickets. 
9. Ecce Mono. Potato Jesus. 
10. There are full Halloween costumes made after this. 

Oh damn, that's not much, isn't it? Still, I think that this last one makes up for it in the end. I think I'll keep it in mind for whenever I feel a little bit sad. Potato Jesus will always come to the rescue, I guess.