...finally managed to watch was The Abyss (1989).

I think that today will be a movie-watching day, since all my favorite series that come out with a Christmas special appeared on the internet yesterday night (while I was actually watching The Abyss)
I know that a lot of you guys expected me to comment on Doctor Who and/or Downton Abbey, but I really haven't watched it yet - I'm actually afraid of watching them, because I know that after that I have to wait almost another year for the next one.

So, as I said, I looked up The Abyss, and sat alone in the dark night to watch it. Which was interesting, since I was convinced that it was some sort of thriller or horror or something - but it turned out that I was wrong.

You see, the movie starts out with some Russian nuclear submarine that encounters some problems and sinks - and then a not-so-professional team of divers (civilians, apparently, who work on an oil rig) are enlisted to check out what caused the problem and see if they can do something about it. 

The IMDb description of it made it look like a pretty frightening story, with their added comment that "they are not alone down there" - or something about those lines. 

The movie is pretty long, and it actually starts out as some kind of boring action movie. You know those... where you absolutely know where the storyline is heading to, where you can guess after the first five minutes who will survive and who won't and all.

I have to admit that after the first half hour of it I was almost expecting to just shut it all off, and simply go to sleep. (What I haven't told you before was that I already started it once sometime in the past and shut it off after the first five minutes). Yes, for those who are not really into these kinds of things it might seem boring, but hear me out, and take my advice: power trough it. It will be worth it, once the first half an hour passes. 

James Cameron did a pretty awesome job with the movie. He managed to actually make something plausible - even if you think encountering glow-in-the-water aliens somewhere down at the bottom of the ocean a little bit far-fetched. 


Actually, glow-in-the-dark lifeforms aren't that far-fetched when you look at the fauna of the oceans - especially because the oceans are still such a huge mystery to us. Which, in fact, brings up the question: what were these guys, actually. The characters in the movie seem to banter about it at some point too - one of them asking the other if they think that they are truly aliens, from another  planet or something. While the main character says that she thinks they are, I never actually saw anything that would confirm this. 

Sure, at the end they look all alien-like and stuff, but we never get any of those generic I-come-from-this-or-that-planet stuff. So they might as well be another kind of life on Earth that the humans in the movie never heard of. 

I also kind of liked how they were designed. They maintained that alien-like face with the huge eyes and stuff, but they also managed to get a few plus body parts to them with that manta-ray looking contraption they were inside in. I'm actually not even sure if that was their whole body, or was it just simply a machine they used to get around? 

Well, anyways... I just wanted to tell you guys about this movie, and to try to get you into watching it. I swear, it isn't at all frightening. (Which is a lot more that you can start off with, contrary to me, because I was actually trying to anticipate when something horrible will finally happen). 

All in all, I give this movie a 10 out of 10... one of Cameron's better works.