...thought I should make a short list of, are a bunch of aliens.

Yesterday's post gave me the idea to list my favorite aliens from the movies I've watched, and maybe even some info about them in case you want to check out the movies for yourself. 

1. Na'vi, Avatar

All right, so the movie wasn't THAT good, but in terms of an alien civilization it was awesome. I liked the world Cameron made for them - you know, with all the different plants, animals and of course the Na'vi. They were absolutely based on Native Americans, sure, but still they were kind of fun to watch. They are of about 3 meters, with cyan colored skin, amber eyes, and long tails. They developed a spiritual connection with basically everything on their planet, and they are absolutely religious. 

If you want to know more about them, check out this site, it has a lot of info! 

2. Water aliens, The Abyss 

Alien - The Abyss

Again, a James Cameron movie, with a pretty awesome alien species, even when it's not much known about them. They live under water, and have extremely advanced technology. They are definitely benevolent, but because of their technologically advanced state they could be also quite frightening (they could destroy the Earth without any problems if they wished to). They are bioluminescent, and all of their technology is based on water. 

3. Xenomorph, Aliens series

This species is not intelligent at all. They are only driven by their need to procreate and defeat whatever threatens them. They have one single queen that's fertile, who breeds the warriors. They have a biomechanical look to them, they are extremely strong, they have segmented tails, that can be used as a slashing weapon. They don't have eyes - it is uncertain how they see. They also seem to have the ability to evolve in different forms, depending what their host was. 

4. Predator, Predator series

The Predators are humanoid aliens with a greater height than humans, but with the ability to regenerate from multiple gun-shut wounds. They are much stronger than humans, and they can climb almost anything. They have green blood and infrared eyes. Their main goal is to hunt and kill other life forms, gathering their heads as trophies. If they fail in killing one of their prey they will commit suicide. They don't seem to attack so they can eat- it seems like either some kind of sport or entertainment, either some sort of rite of passage. They will only hunt creatures who provide them with a challenge. The movie apparently has the Predators as the "ancient aliens" who taught the humans to build things like pyramids, in return of some sacrifice that they could hunt. As I said, they avoid hunting down humans that are not up to par - children, sick people, unarmed people or pregnant women are usually left alive. A human who fights alongside them, or defeats one of them is usually also treated with respect, and even given a precious gift by the Predators. 

5. Prawn, District 9

These aliens are once again highly advanced in terms of technology. They are taller than humans, have really hard skin and a bunch of tendrils on their face. They are really strong, but they have almost no rights, and they live in different district, from where they are not allowed to live. Most of them are of working class, which explains why they can't do anything so they could escape. They eat almost all their food raw, and they seem to adore cat food, that's something like a drug to them. People tend to fuck them over when it comes to buying food for themselves, and thus most of the prawns are left with the only option to try and find something edible in the garbage. They also like to eat rubber. They can reproduce asexually, because all of them have both male and female reproductive organs. 

6. Alien, The Thing

Alien - The Thing

This alien is a shape shifting creature. They will consume their victim and imitate them almost exactly, so they could find another victim. When it's cornered, though, it will turn back to its true form, which is basically a mix of all the things he's already been. This is one of the most disgusting aliens in the history of alien movies, so if you decide to watch the movie, do not attempt to eat. The movie is awesome, tho, if you are fascinated by disgustingly creepy thing... 

7. Sil, Species

This species is a bit similar to the Xenomorph and Predator when it comes to looks. It has the ability, tho, to change between human and its true form. The special has both males and females, but the females are a lot more dangerous than the males. Sil is the first generation of the species, with the ability to grow really fast (in about a month she becomes a young girl on the verge of puberty). She escapes from the lab where she was made, and as soon as she does this, she turns into a fully grown woman. This also makes her alien DNA to come forth and make her want to procreate as many times as possible. She is also able to absorb any knowledge only by touch (for example she can read a book only by taking it into her hands), and then she is capable to use that information. 

8. E.T, E.T the Extraterrestrial

E.T comes from Brodo Asogi, he is about one meter tall, has a long leg and brown hairless skin. They have glowing chests and fingers, which seems to help him with his healing abilities. He is also telepathic. E.T. seems to be some kind of scientist, because he comes to Earth with a bunch of others for an expedition - and his colleagues seem to forget all about him, so he gets stranded on this alien world. 

All right, so there are countless of other alien species out there... I haven't even scratched the top of it, I guess, but these are currently my favorites. I would ask you guys what you think about this, but since I've been getting so much spam, I disabled it... So yeah, you'll have to stick with just reading for now.